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If anyone would like to consider me to review a book you are more than welcome to email me. I check emails often so I'll get back to you shortly!

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If you would like to hold a giveaway, promo, or anything else you can think of let me know!
Last but not Least...if you are a Louisiana blogger or author (or if the book you wrote is based in Louisiana let me know and I'll Feature you!

My philosophy on reviewing:

Chances are when you come to my blog you won't see an blatently negative review. Why is this you ask?

Well for starters...I read for enjoyment and if I really disliked a book that much I just would not post about it at all. Chances are if I finished it there was SOMETHING that kept my interest.

Secondly, I don't think it's my place as a non paid reviewer to bash someone's hard work. A publishing company (as I don't read a whole lot of self published work) apparently thought this book was good enough to sell so they put it out there. Maybe I'm just not the intended audience?
Lastly, I could only hope to be as talented as some of the writers out takes a lot of courage to be a writer and put yourself out there to be critiqued. I again, don't feel it's my place to bash that person's work when it's not something I could do myself.

In summary, I will never post a review to say I hated a book...I just won't post at all. Chances are I'll find something worthwhile that I feel deserves credit. I'm not a professional and it's all just my opinion.

FTC Disclosure:
Some books reviewed on this blog are provided to me from the publisher or author. I will disclose those books on their review. I offer my honest opinion and I am not obligated to post a positive review (or any review if that is the case) just because I have received a review copy.