Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Everyone knows that bloggers have a life outside the net and boy has mine been busy! I feel like I'm neglecting my virtual baby due to the fact that I'm so busy with my real life babies! I've finally found my pace and have been able to pick up the books again! YAY! It's so nice to get back to that little fantasy world sometimes. Right now I'm reading Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul and Blood On The Bayou by Stacey Jay. (I'm really loving it too!) I'll be posting reviews on those soon. Since I've finally found my pace I'm hoping to post at least two reviews a week. I used to do 5-6 but real life has to take precedence over my reading time at this point. I've included a few pictures so that you can see just a glimpse of what has been keeping me running around.

Here are my kids for Mardi Gras....they look really tired because the parade was almost finished at the point this picture was taken.

Here we have myself and my hubby on our vacation. This is right before we went horse riding!

Now this little bugger here has kept us all very busy LOL! (and I'm not talking about my daughter) He is a bottle baby so he consumed a lot of our time. Not only do we have him but we do have another goat. I may introduce her in a later post.

We also attend Tae Kwon Do two nights a week. This was the kids' first belt test. They have their second belt test tonight! YAY! (I should include that we also go to dancing once a week. This poor momma stays exhausted!)

Last but not least, my furbabies! They keep me just as busy as my skinkids and have almost as many activities LOL!

So like I said in the beginning, I have tons keeping me busy but I think I've finally found my groove! I look forward to posting and chatting with everyone again and hopefully getting back to twitter! I LOVE the book world and oh, how I've missed you all!

P.S. Normally I don't post about non-book blogs but I found this blog today. While it is incredibly heart wrenching this family is trying to raise awareness about a congenital disease called SMA. This seems to be a very strong family who deserve to go viral with their message.