Thursday, May 12, 2011 Your Profile: Reviews Your Profile: Reviews: "I love Sarah Addison Allen and own all her books. I found this author by accident one day and have been hooked since. When I saw her new book I was ecstatic!

As usual Allen delievered for me. I find all her stories 'magical' and The Peach Keeper was no exception. I found the characters to be endearing as always and the storyline to be wonderful.

I was sucked into this story from page one and of course read through it quickly. I felt many emotion throughout the story and connected with these characters through ther regret, hope, and longing. I also laughed along at times and it left me with a smile.

If you're an Allen fan I think you'll be equally happy with this one!"

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  1. Beautiful Blog...found your name on the list from the BEA Armchair list.

    Nice to meet you.