Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Guest Post and Blog Tour: Rocsanne Shield "Save Magic City"

Joining us today is Roscanne Shield with a guest post about the story behind her book. Grab your coffee and sit with us for a moment! (I apologize for the format since blogger seems to be acting wacky.) ********************************************* The Story Behind "Save Magic City" ********************************************* After retiring, I got lots of time to look around me and take stock of the changes that had taken place while I worked. The world is dominated by corporations who conduct their business in a globalized way. They change work forces the way we, plain humans, change clothes. As soon as a new poorer country offers better conditions, the factories and offices move and the old work force is "let go". That means that men and women are left without the means to continue life as they knew it. The process of finding new jobs entails such stress that families split and children suffer. I believe firmly that people should help each other when misfortune strikes; the need to put something on paper became an obsession. While writing, I changed from Romance to Children's Fiction. Save Magic City was born. I was watching an animated movie when I realized that Edmund, who lived in 13th century England, had to come to our times. In the movie, a child finds a huge robot. In my novel, the child finds armour, with somebody inside! After the first three chapters, it became clear that he was brought to the year 2007 by Leona, who needed someone to help her help the city. My book focused on how to help people in a small community, where the major work supplier left and has taken their living means away. Leo, eight, needs a father figure, to love and grow to resemble. Edmund fills the role to perfection. Leo is the glue; he unites all the characters around their common goal -- to save their town from death. Squirrel can act as a perfect PA as she can hear people's thoughts as well as tell them things without words. She keeps the leaders informed, and helps Edmund to listen to the needs of the different teams who are working over the city, performing repairs and asking for help to find specific materials for their work. She also named the teams "Ganny/grampy teams". Raccoon is the resident Internet wizard and he sets up the lists of needs, volunteers and ideas, and them helps Leona find the most pressing needs. He also finds a lawyer willing to volunteer his work for the good of the city. He is the one who keeps his calm in moments of danger and need. The town becomes a unit and they might as well adopt the Musketeers' logo -- one for all and all for one. The children surely live by that. To read their story, go to my website You will find an excerpt of "Save Magic City"; if you are intrigued to hear more, you can purchase my book there as well. Save Magic City is also available for purchase at and Barnes and Noble "Save Magic City" is an excellent book for adults who want to teach their children the importance of caring for each other and the environment they live in. My book makes great reading and you will, I hope, tell others about it too. ************************************************************** About The Book: ************************************************************** Hurled into the time flow by a banishing spell, 13th Century Edmund lands in the USA, in 2007, in answer to Leona's fervent prayers for help to save her town. The corporation employing the townspeople has left, the bank’s foreclosures have created whole streets of empty houses, people are leaving in droves... the town is slowly dying. A black magician in his own time, Edmund is forbidden to do any magic if it is not for helping other people. He discovers and is fascinated by the magical powers of the Internet and wants to bring instant relief to the townspeople. But Leona, who does not trust their dependency on magic, forbids him to do so. Leo, Leona's adoptive son, and his friends, Squirrel and Raccoon, accept the magic with enthusiasm and do their best to help the town survive. When misfortune strikes, Leona gives her blessing for Edmund to use his magic.S

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  1. Looks like a great book for children who want to make their community a better place.