Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Review and Blog Tour: The Kensei by Jon F. Merz

This book really has it all! Vampires, paranormal elements, ninjas, humor, and gusto! I REALLY enjoyed it and found it to be a fast paced read with the right amount of action, drama, and of course some kick butt martial arts.
This is one that the man or woman in your life can read and find enjoyable. It has a great balance for all. You'll be pulled into this one and flipping pages to find out what happens next.
This is book 5 in a series but I'll say that it can certainly stand alone. I haven't read the first four but I think I'll be searching for them soon.
I'll say that I think Lawson is awesome! (I rhymed!)
About The Book:
Meet Lawson. A cynical, wise-cracking vampire charged with protecting the Balance between vampires and humans, he is part cop, part spy, and part commando -- James Bond with fangs. Lawson mixes shrewd cunning with unmatched lethality to get his job done. He tries his best to dismantle conspiracies, dispatch bad guys, and live long enough to get home. In The Kensei, a battle-weary Lawson heads to Japan for a little rest and some advanced ninja training. But he no sooner steps off the plane than lands in the midst of a Yakuza turf war orchestrated by a shadowy figure known as the Kensei. With the help of Talya, a former KGB-assassin, Lawson must put a stop to the Kensei’s organ trafficking networks, prevent the creation of an army of vampire-human hybrids, and save his own skin in the process.
About The Author:
Jon F. Merz is a writer with over a dozen published novels, a producer for New Ronin Entertainment and a trained black belt ninja. He has taught defensive tactics to civilian crime watch groups, police, military units, and agencies like the US Department of State, the Department of Justice, and the Bureau of Prisons. In his past, Jon served with the United States Air Force, worked for the US government, and handled executive protection for Fortune 500 clients. He lives with his wife and two sons in suburban Boston. Visit his Web site at
Book Info:
St. Martin's Griffin, January 2011
ISBN: 978-0-312-66223-3,
ISBN10: 0-312-66223-8,
Review Copy: Publisher
** I received NO monetary compensation for this review. All opinions are my own.

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