Thursday, January 20, 2011

How do you organize your shelves?

My dear book-loving, fellow reading obsessed do you organize your books?
Right now I have one bookshelf that is literally crammed to spilling over and piles all over the floor and misc. areas.
I have an empty bookshelf and plan on getting another. The reason for insane piles is because we are doing some rearranging of furniture. Perfect time to reorganize the bookshelves, wouldn't you say? you organize by genre, author's last name, etc. I'm thinking I might do it library style and go alphabetically but I'm not sure yet. What say you, lovely readers?


  1. I have about 4000 books at my house. If they aren't alphabetical by author I can't find them. This causes a problem because I have a couple hundred that aren't on shelves yet and aren't alphabetized. I do have all my books listed on LibraryThing. So I can find out if I have a book but not necessarily where it is!

  2. I have my books sorted on shelves by genre (fiction) or topic (non-fiction.) I need more bookshelves because I'm double stacking my books on my current shelves right now! Once I have more shelves, I'll arrange the books by author.

  3. I use to have mine arranged alphabetically by author, but it grew to be too large. So now, I just have my read books by series on certain shelves and the books I need to read grouped by author but not in alphabetical order.

  4. I dont have my book shlef in any order I just know i have too many books. I also have a kindle which I love. I have so many books on it and I find it easier to carry lol.

  5. I have 3,800 books so my shelves are definitely organized. Organization: Fiction, Reference, Mystery, Children, Christmas, Animals, Humour, Gardening, Cooking, Tropical Fish, Books about Books, Templars, Submarines - to name a few. I use the shelf library labels just so that I don't forget where something is located. All books are catalogued on Microsoft Access database.

  6. Hmmm...good ideas to think about. I'm honestly scared to count my books! I know that's crazy but I think it's because I know it's a lot. I do give some away once in a while but there are always so many new coming through the door.

    I think I might TRY alphabetically first and then if that doesn't work I'll go by Genre?

  7. Hi Kris,

    Long time since I checked in. Hope all is well. I'm a lazy organizer when it comes to my books, but it works for me. I have my collections all together: Little House and LIW related, Anne of Green Gables series and LMM related, Louisa May Alcott all together, Love Inspired books together, and after that it's downhill. My writing craft books are all up in my office, I have one shelf dedicated to my Civil War books, then the rest are only kept together by author, but not alphabetized. Amazingly it does work, I can usually put my hands on what I want within a few seconds.

    Keep up the great work.