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A Peek into my Wishlist: Barely skimming the surface...

Here is Just a TINY peek into my wishlist:

I don't know about you but I have a super LONG wishlist!
Are any of these on your list or have you read any of the ones that are already out?

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Treasures In My Mailbox...from the last two weeks...

Last Week:


The Bride Collector
Men And Dogs
The 9th Judgement

The Phantom Diaries
The Mighty Queens of Freeville
One Dance With A Duke

The Hourglass Door
The Golden Spiral

This Week:

To Stand With Angels
Pretty Monsters
Married With Zombies
The Spirit Thief

Other Review:
Sex and The City 2 Movie Soundtrack

So I got lot's of awesome in the mail this week. What did you buy or receive? Leave me a link or a comment so I can check you out!

Thanks to the Companies and Authors who sent these to me for review! You all rock!

Thanks to The Story Siren and The Printed Page for hosting Mailbox meme's every week!

Book Feature and Giveaway: The Pearls Of The Stone Man by Edward Mooney Jr.

The Pearls of the Stone Man is an inspirational novel with plot elements that touch both older and younger generations. Main characters Joseph and Anne Marino are rare. They’re still in love after 53 years of marriage and with little time left, Joseph’s priority becomes finishing the stone wall that Anne requested years ago – a special reminder from her childhood.

Needing the help of someone younger, Joseph turns to his son, estranged for five years, in hopes of rebuilding a severed relationship as well as the wall. Two teenagers also come to Joseph’s aide, and he to theirs, as they all work to finish Joseph’s promise to Anne.
The Pearls of the Stone Man was written in the town in which the book is set: Pine Mountain , California . The settings in the novel are real locations and Edward takes groups of readers there regularly.

Edward filmed 5 short video vignettes highlighting the real settings of The Pearls of the Stone Man. Check them out at: or,
Thanks to Sourcebooks I'm able to offer 3 copies of this one to giveaway!
-To enter please watch at least one video and tell me something you thought was interesting/nice, etc...and leave your email so that I can contact you if you win.
-open to US residents only
-ends June 15th

Book Feature! Siren's Call by Devyn Quinn

Seriously, is that not an awesome cover!? I would totally hang something like that in my bedroom!
But besides that the book itself sounds awesome. I look forward to reading it because I really enjoyed Devyn's book Soul Of The Wildcat.

About The Book:
(from Devyn's website)
Between desire and love there are some things that can’t stay buried, even in the deep of the ocean.
As a woman with a secret, lighthouse keeper Tessa Lonike savors her solitude on the island of Little Mer, off the coast of Maine. During a violent storm, Tessa spots a man thrashing in the ice cold waters and dives in to save him, using her ability as a mermaid to easily pull him to shore.
When Kenneth Randall awakens on the beach he is alone, left with the haunting memory of his beautiful, flame-haired savior. But a year later, when Kenneth meets her again, he’s determined not to let Tessa slip away. Just as the desire between them begins to burn, Tessa’s archaeologist ex-lover comes back to town with a tantalizing clue to her murky heritage.
The trio travel to the Mediterranean in search of answers, and when Tessa inadvertently opens an underwater portal they find a lost mermaid city. But in the deep, not everything is as it seems, and Tessa must decide if she wants to take her place as the royal heir, or follow the call of her heart…
Check for more info!

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Armchair BEA: How do I balance reviews with other content? Question!

Please check out the question at the bottom and leave some input for me. I'd love to know what you think!

As a lot of you know we non-BEA-attending folks have been participating in If you haven't checked it out yet you should hop on over there to see all the great posts.

Now Book Blogger Con is also going on in conjunction with BEA this year so we are touching on some of those topics. I'd like to touch on: How do I balance reviews with other content?

I thought this was an interesting topic because I always wonder about it. I only normally participate in one meme...the mailbox one. I post about lots of reviews and giveaways, of course! There's also interviews, guest posts, book features, and the occasional product review.

What I'd like to know from my readers is this...what do YOU like to see on a blog?

Review: I Love This Bar by Carolyn Brown

What I Thought:

I love this book! I adore a good cowboy romance and this was a good one! It had me laughing and crying...I went through a whole range of emotions.

I completely fell in love with these characters. They were a great "down home" bunch and I must say that I thought Chigger was great. She made me laugh out loud everytime her character came up.

If you enjoy a good country romance then this is one to check out. I am really looking forward to the next one in this series Hell, Yeah....I think it's going to be good!

And is that cover hot or what!?


About The Book:
(from Amazon)

Funny, sexy, and sure to appeal to the huge audience of country music fans, this new trilogy features the Honky Tonk beer joint and its succession of lovelorn owners. Serving two counties, one wet and one dry, the Honky Tonk is the gathering place for every hothead, thirsty rancher, and lusty lady looking for a good time. Owner Daisy O'Dell vows she'll run the place until they drag her cold dead body through the swinging doors. That is, until the day Jarod McElroy walks in, looking for a cold drink and a moment's peace from his ornery Uncle Emmitt. The minute Jarod sees Daisy, with her hot looks and smart mouth; he knows he's met not only his own match, but Uncle Emmitt's as well. Now, if only he can convince her to come out from behind that bar and come on home with him-

**review copy provided by Sourcebooks

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Guest Post from author James Boyle: Writer's Conferences

Writer's Conferences

I became a believer in Writer's Conferences about five years ago. Oh, I'd been to one before, but hadn't been terribly impressed. Then my mother talked me into giving this local one a try. It was held in my current hometown, here on the Oregon coast and was much smaller than the one I'd been to up in Portland. Would it be too much of a stretch to say it changed my life? I will say I've gone back every year since and for the past five years been one of the volunteer organizers.
So why should you, a writer spend your hard earned money on traveling to and attending a writer's conference? There are workshops presented by established writers that will help you hone your skills. They cover everything from coming up with ideas, to the mechanics of writing, to tips on marketing and promotion. Some will even give you a chance to pitch your book to an agent or publisher.

But that's not why I attend the conference anymore. About half the time I don't attend most of the workshops. I go because it energizes me to know I'm not alone.
Too much of our time, as writers is spent alone with our word processors or pens and paper. Our family and friends offer their support and encouragement, but they don't really understand. They don't really know how it feels when you send out a story you think is really good, the best work you've done, only to get a form letter rejection. They can't know, unless they, too, are writers.

That was what got me hooked on this conference. The workshops are valuable, but what really helped and encouraged me was spending two days with a hundred other people who were going through the same struggle I was. A hundred other people who understood why you were excited after writing a really good description of a car accident. The knowledge that I was not alone in my struggles re-energized me and do to this day.

So I encourage all writers out there, but especially those who feel alone against the world, to go to a writer's conference. It doesn't have to be large or expensive. But go.

James Boyle
Author of The Ni'il Series
"Ni'il: The Awakening"
"Ni'il: The War Within"

Review and Giveaway: Street Boners By Gavin McInnes

What I Thought:

1. I thought it was funny, but then I can have can have a crude sense of humor sometimes.

2. If you don't like reading/hearing/seeing cuss words then stay FARRRRR away from this one!

3. If you don't like people being judged....stay FAR away from this book.

4. If you don't want to see nudity or general crudness....well you get the idea...

5. I think it's a certain crowd who can read this book and not be offended.

6. While I thought it was horrid....I did find it funny. (I know I'm weird!)

7. It's like a car know you shouldn't look but you do it anyway.

That about sums up this fashion and style book. Other than that you'd have to read it and form your own opinions. It's uniques...


About The Book:
(from Hachette)

Fifteen years after founding Vice, Gavin McInnes has poured his creative juices into a new endeavor: Growing in size and influence at an alarming rate, the site's main feature is the new and improved version of Gavin's "DOs and DON'Ts," now tantalizingly called Street Boners. These Boners have been polished and compounded into a book that takes the best of the site and adds hundreds more gems! With 1,312 photos, hilarious captions, and a harsh new rating system-from one to 10 kitten faces-STREET BONERS makes sure no glorious fashion statement goes unnoticed. Innocent citizens are either damned to hell or relentlessly exalted into heaven. Chloe Sevigny, Debbie Harry, Fred Armisen, and Tim & Eric also contribute their scathing wit to the book, and the end result is a New York fashion bible no bathroom should be without


So, Do you want to win it? Are you brave enough to try it?

Thanks to Anna @ Hachette I can five away 3 copies of this one.
-leave your email
-open to US and Canadian residents only
-No PO Boxes
-Ends June 15th

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Call For Reviewers! Check it out! is looking for more reviewers! I review for Aurora when I can and they are a great group to work with.

They have sent out a call for new reviewers because they get about 500 review requests a MONTH! There are only about 40 reviewers at this time and it's just not enough. I know that for me, between my own blog and off-line life I just don't have the time to pick up alot of reviews but every little bit helps.

So if you're interested go to, click on the banner you're interested in, and look in the sidebar for info on becoming a reviewer.

Can I ask you one big favor though? If you do decide to apply to become a reviewer would you mention that I sent you?
I hope to see some of you there!

Favorite Book Character Day: A Review and Giveaway!

I don't know about your schools but at ours they have "Favorite Book Character Day" at least once a year. They allow the kids to dress up and it's always so cute! Thanks to the people at the Wholesale Costume Club I was able to review this costume which will be PERFECT for school! (and of course MANY other occasions!)
This is one of my "reviewers" wearing the Boys Jack Sparrow costume!
Now I realize that Jack Sparrow is a movie character BUT my son loves many pirate books so this is perfect for him. When we got the package we opened it right away because he couldn't wait to try it on.
I REALLY like this costume. The sizing was accurate and it fit perfectly. The costume itself is made of a nice light material which is perfect for around here...but you can always wear something underneath if you live in a cold weather area. I like that the pants/shirt/ boot covers are separate, it makes the costume really versatile. (and your kids can grow into it even if you order a size bigger)
I think the pricing is excellent also...I know I'll be visiting the site again for more costumes. The quality (in my opinion) is great for the price. I had a hard time choosing a costume just because they offer so many great choices for men, women, and children. The boys costumes are wonderful! If you go take a peek you'll see what I mean about the great costumes.
Here's my "reviewer" holding mom's favorite pirate book! Arghhhhhhhhhh!

Thanks to Charles over at The Wholesale Costume Club I'm able to offer a giveaway for TWO free one year memberships! These memberships give you the advantage of buying the costumes at an even LOWER price!


If you have book character day at school... costume parties... or anything else you or the kids might dress up for here's a chance to save some money and get really cute costumes at the same time. (Just a note...I was really happy to see the pretty plus sized costumes they offer...this gal is not a size 4 so that made me happy! They also have big men's!)
Here's all I'm asking you to do to enter:

Visit any one of those links and tell me your favorite costume...and leave a comment telling me which one along with your email addy.

That's it!

-open to US and Canadian residents
-ends June 15th

Armchair BEA: Will E-Readers effect these events in the future?

Have you checked out the Arm Chair BEA site yet? If you haven't, now is a good time. You can check out how those unable to attend the event are celebrating!
I had a thought last night while while checking out BEA pics and posts...What happens to BEA, school bookfairs, etc. if E-Readers take over?
(I know the E-Reader topic has been beat with a stick LOL but I was really wondering!)
Will they still have these events? Will you bring your E-Reader and plug in at each booth? That idea makes me VERY sad.
I would like to know from my readers what you think of E-Readers and if you think they'll impact events like this in the future.
Don't forget to stop by the Arm Chair BEA site to see other topics being discussed and find out about giveaways going on all week!

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Review: My Sister's Voice by Mary Carter (blog tour)

Here's What I Thought:
This was a touching story of family and the bonds in life that are broken and made in the course of years. It was sad and happy, and made many emotions go through the reader (me) all at one time. I connected with Lacey's character not because she was deaf but because she was deprived of knowing her family. While I know that millions of people don't get to know their fathers , mothers, brothers, or sisters, I came up with a personal connection to her character because of that loss and anger she felt. I think many others will come upon that same feeling of connection when reading this book.
Mary did an excellent job in writing this story and I think in part, that the believability comes from being immersed in the "culture" which she wrote about. (You should read the book to fully understand that statement.) They always say that writing what you know makes for the best story which I think held true for this book.
Overall, I greatly enjoyed it and found it to be an emotional and touching read.

About The Book:
What do you do when you discover your whole life was a lie? In Mary Carter’s unforgettable new novel, one woman is about to find out. . .

At twenty-eight, Lacey Gears is exactly where she wants to be. An up-and-coming, proudly Deaf artist in Philadelphia, she’s in a relationship with a wonderful man and rarely thinks about her difficult childhood in a home for disabled orphans. That is, until Lacey receives a letter that begins, “You have a sister. A twin to be exact…”

Learning her identical, hearing twin, Monica, experienced the normal childhood she was denied resurrects all of Lacey’s grief, and she angrily sets out to find Monica and her biological parents. But the truth about Monica’s life, their brief shared past, and the reason for the twins’ separation is far from simple. And for every one of Lacey’s questions that’s answered, others are raised, more baffling and profound.

Complex, moving, and beautifully told, My Sister’s Voice is a novel about sisterhood, love of every shape, and the stories we cling to until real life comes crashing in

About The Author:
MARY CARTER is a freelance writer and novelist. My Sister’s Voice is her fourth novel with Kensington. Her other works include: She’ll Take It, Accidentally Engaged, Sunnyside Blues, and The Honeymoon House in the best selling anthology Almost Home. She is a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and the National Technical Institute for the Deaf, which is part of the Rochester Institute of Technology. She has just completed A Very Maui Christmas, a new novella for Kensington that will be included in a Christmas of 2010 anthology. She is currently working on a new novel, The Pub Across the Pond, about an American woman who swears off all Irish men only to learn she’s won a pub in Ireland. Readers are welcome to visit her at

Review: Ni'il the Awakening by James Boyle (blog tour)

Here's What I Thought:
What can I say about this one? *taps chin thinking* Well, I'll say that I thought it was TOTALLY original. Personally, I've never read anything like it.
I enjoyed the believable and faulted characters that existed in this small town. I liked the storyline of the ancient spirit coming to take revenge on the people who have ravaged the land. I won't go into to much detail there because it would give away the story but I'll say that I was surprised by the ending. Not because of how it ended but because once I found out the whole "point" to the story I was really shocked!
Don't let that pretty cover fool you though! This one definitely has the horror element to it with some blood and sacrifice mixed in....I liked it! It was scary and bloody and crazy all wrapped up in the deceivingly peaceful cover!
Oh and there is some romance! I wouldn't put it in the romance category at all, but I think this book had a good balance that both men and women can enjoy. If your looking for something different then I think this one would be worth a try.

Book Summary:
(from Amazon)
When several people are brutally killed in the town of Placerton, on the isolated Oregon coast, most locals think a rogue bear or cougar is roaming the forested hills near town. Police Chief Dan Connor is not so sure. He has witnessed some very strange things lately, such as disembodied voices, muttering a strange foreign language and an old Indian man who seems to be near every crime scene, but disappears before he can be questioned.
Dan's investigation takes him to the local Sihketunnai Indians and their legend of the Ni'il, magical shamans charged with maintaining the balance between humans and the natural world. According to the elders, one of the Ni'il is responsible for the murders and intends to kill everyone in the community. It is Dan's job to stop it.
It sounded unbelievable, but was the only explanation that fit the facts. As a violent Pacific storm crashes ashore, cutting off power and washing out roads-cutting the town off from the outside world--Dan finds himself entering a strange world of myth and magic that was not covered in his police training. He must use all his wits and new-found powers to save himself and his community from the Ni'il.

About The Author:
James has published both poetry and short fiction and is an organizer for the South Coast (Oregon) Writer's Conference. This is his first novel. A student of Native culture, he used this background to create the ni'il. He lives in Gold Beach, Oregon, with a pacifist black lab named Mikey.

Dismantled by Jennifer McMahon (blog tour)

Book Details:

Hardcover: 432 pages
Publisher: Harper; 1 edition (June 16, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0061689335


What I Thought:

This was interesting...It had the air of a thriller, a mystery, and a suspense novel. I liked the storyline of the book...seeing what happened to this group of people after college and how they dealt with the choices they made at that time.

The twisted relationships presented in the book really made for a psychological type read. It was one of those "Is this really happening or is it all in their head" type things.

The ending was surprising and not at all what I expected.

MY only complaint was that I thought some of the descriptive passages could have been cut down. Other than that I had no major problems and thought Dismantled made a nice read.

Oh and totally irrelevant, but I think the cover is awesome!


About The Book:

(from author's website)

Dismantlement = Freedom

Henry, Tess, Winnie and Suz banded together in college to form the Compassionate Dismantlers. Following the first rule of their manifesto – “To understand the nature of a thing, it must be taken apart” – these daring misfits spend the summer after graduation in a remote cabin in the Vermont woods committing acts of meaningful vandalism, and plotting elaborate, sometimes dangerous, pranks. But everything changes when one particularly twisted experiment ends in Suz’s death and the others decide to cover it up.

Nearly a decade later, Henry and Tess are living just an hour’s drive from the old cabin. Each are desperate to move on from the summer of the Dismantlers, but the past isn’t ready to let them go. When a victim of their past pranks commits suicide – apparently triggered by a mysterious Dismantler-style postcard – it sets off a chain of eerie events that threatens to engulf Henry, Tess, and their precocious nine-year-old daughter Emma. Is there someone who wants to reveal their secrets? Is it possible that Suz did not really die – or has she somehow found a way back?



(also from author's website)

“Dismantlement equals freedom.”

Suz is there, whispering the words in his ear, each syllable hot and twisted. She’s glowing, radiant, still twenty-one and burning with the fierce need to fuck up the world. The dead don’t age.He finishes the knot, his hands steady, without the slightest tremble, then climbs onto the chair and throws the rope up over one of the beams in the kitchen. Old, hand-hewn beams his builder rescued from a salvage yard. They’d reminded him of Vermont. Of the cabin near the lake.

In his mind, he goes back ten years, sees Suz coming up the path, stepping into the clearing, pole in one hand, string of fish in the other: bass, sunfish, trout. They glisten like jewels, strung on the braided nylon rope she’s carefully looped through their mouths and gills. Suz’s walk is a dance, her movements fluid, the silk tunic she wears flutters around her, making it seem as if the wind itself is carrying her, buoying her along like a kite.

She winks at him.

He loves her.

He hates her.

He doesn’t want to be here, but there’s no way he could ever leave. Once you’re in her orbit, it’s impossible to pull yourself away. The others gather around as she lays the fish out on the table to clean them. She pulls the trout off the braided rope, lays it flat on newspaper, and slides the knife in, slitting it open along its belly from gills to vent. The fish opens its mouth, sucking at air. Suz smiles, showing crooked teeth, pushes her fingers gently inside the fish, widening the opening with her hand. The skin stretches; the movement of her fingers produces a wet, tearing sound.“To understand the nature of a thing, it must be taken apart,” Suz says, tugging out a string of entrails, sticky and shimmering with rainbows, like oil on a puddle.


“You never really got it, did you, babycakes?” he hears her whisper in his ear. “No,” he tells her, slipping the rope around his neck, pulling the postcard from his pocket to look at one last time. “But I do now.”

He steps off the chair.

The postcard falls from his hand, drifts to the floor in slow motion, turning: moose, words, moose, words --until it lands, the carefully printed words facing up, the last thing he sees before losing consciousness:


Monday, May 24, 2010

(arc) Review: Strange Neighbors by Ashlyn Chase (Loved it!)

Book Details:

Product ISBN: 9781402236617

Price: $6.99

Publication Date: June 2010
What I thought:
'Strange Neighbors' was totally fun, witty, and hot! I really enjoyed this one!
Ashlyn Chase created a cast of characters from every walk of "life" if you want to call it that LOL! It was a light hearted and fun paranormal romance that totally sucked me in and kept me wanting more. The main character, Merry, was great. I loved that she was a woman about my age, thrown into this freaky world, and managed to find love in strange places. (ha! get it? Strange places....yeah, I'm a dork!)
Anyway, I also liked the fact that since it was so light-hearted, the two main characters weren't getting it on every other page. Now don't get me wrong...I like it in some books! This one had just the right amount of romance and intimacy; the "getting it on scenes" (as I shall call them) that were in the book were surely hot!
I loved the storyline; I don't want to give to much away on it because it's a classic one with a paranormal twist. I thought the author did an excellent job with it!
To summarize my thoughts: this book was totally enjoyable. I liked the author's writing and hope to see her write more books based on these characters!
About The Book:
(from publisher's site)
He’s looking for peace, quiet, and a little romance…
There’s never a dull moment when hunky all-star pitcher and shapeshifter Jason Falco invests in an old Boston brownstone apartment building full of supernatural creatures. But when Merry MacKenzie moves into the ground floor apartment, the playboy pitcher decides he might just be done playing the field…

A girl just wants to have fun…
Sexy Jason seems like the perfect fling, but newly independent nurse Merry’s not sure she’s ready to trust him with her heart…especially when the tabloids start trumpeting his playboy lifestyle.

Then pandemonium breaks loose and Merry and Jason will never get it together without a little help from the vampire who lives in the basement and the werewolf from upstairs…

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Meet my "other" reviewers!

While I do review everything myself over here at TCBL I do have a few people who "help" me. They like to give their opinions on different things. :)

Here is the hubby...he LOVES audiobooks since he's on the road at least twice a week for work. He enjoys giving his opinions on all the audio I get in.
Here is the daughter...she is a co-reviewer on Kiddie Korner reviews. If you've ever checked out my Kiddie Korner reviews they contain "What WE Thought." She's a big time reader so I'm happy about that. She's in 1st grade and recently tested almost 6Th grade level in reading. I'm a proud momma!
TCBL will be adding in product reviews/giveaways once in a while (fun stuff!) and the girl items will be reviewed by us.
Here is the son! He'll also be my co-reviewer for any fun boy products we might review over here at TCBL. He also helps out with the Kiddie Korner reviews!

So that's my gang...the reviewers behind the reviewer LOL!

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$50.00 Giveaway!

I'm so excited to be able to offer an awesome giveaway from the people at CSN!

We've recently redone our living room and got new sofas. While I love them I certainly wish I had checked out the sofas available at because they offer SMALL SCALE furniture! Now we don't live in an apartment, but a small house and pieces like that would be perfect for us!
Myself, I'm always looking for book storage so I'm really happy that I'll have the opportunity to review this beauty:
Thanks to the awesome rep that I've been working with, I'm able to offer one of my readers a chance for a $50.00 Gift Card! (the winner will actually have their promo code emailed to them)
The winner will be able to choose whatever they like (it doesn't have to be a bookcase...maybe you want an awesome toy for your child?)
They have SO MUCH to choose from and guess what....a lot of the products are offered with FREE shipping so you really get a great deal.
So would you like to win?
-leave a comment along with your email so I can contact you if you win!
-Open to US and Canadian residents only
(I don't usually do extra entries but since it's such a cool giveaway I thought I'd offer the opportunity)
- 1 extra entry if you're a follower or become a follower
-1 extra entry if you promote it somewhere
(only 2 extra entries are allowed)
-Giveaway will end June 1st!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Review: Burned by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast (Book 7)

What I Thought:

*Le Sigh* Cast women...I have a question for you. When oh When will the torture end? (See I even made it rhyme!) I only have a few beloved series and this is one of them. As much as I would love to see this series go on forever I really want to know what happens.....and I wanted to know like yesterday LOL!

Burned was yet another great book in the House Of Night series. The Cast's delivered again with this one. I was happy to see characters return and sad to see characters leave. Granted, I can't wait to see the love interest's develop further. I think it'll make quite the story.

If you haven't checked out the House Of Night novels yet, I certainly think you should. I know I've enjoyed reading about this group of kids growing up and changing and I think other YA fans will also.

About The Book:

Things have turned black at the House of Night. Zoey Redbird’s soul has shattered. With everything she’s ever stood for falling apart, and a broken heart making her want to stay in the Otherworld forever, Zoey’s fading fast. It’s seeming more and more doubtful that she will be able pull herself back together in time to rejoin her friends and set the world to rights. As the only living person who can reach her, Stark must find a way to get to her. But how? He will have to die to do so, the Vampire High Council stipulates. And then Zoey will give up for sure. There are only 7 days left…

Enter BFF Stevie Rae. She wants to help Z but she has massive problems of her own. The rogue Red Fledglings are acting up, and this time not even Stevie Rae can protect them from the consequences. Her kinda boyfriend, Dallas, is sweet but too nosy for his own good. The truth is, Stevie Rae’s hiding a secret that might be the key to getting Zoey home but also threatens to explode her whole world.

In the middle of the whole mess is Aphrodite: ex-Fledgling, trust-fund baby, total hag from Hell (and proud of it). She’s always been blessed (if you could call it that) with visions that can reveal the future, but now it seems Nyx has decided to speak through her with the goddess’s own voice, whether she wants it or not. Aphrodite’s loyalty can swing a lot of different ways, but right now Zoey’s fate hangs in the balance.

Three girls… playing with fire… if they don’t watch out, everyone will get Burned.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Review: Play Dead by Ryan Brown (blog tour) Yes, I'm a day late!

I apologize for having this one up a day late everyone! I had 4 posts that had to go up yesterday and totally forgot that this one was ALSO supposed to be up on the 18th. My apologizes on to my review. :)

Book Details:

Gallery, May 2010
Hardcover, 352 pages
ISBN-10: 1439171300
ISBN-13: 9781439171301
Read an Excerpt Chapter 1
Review Copy: Publisher


What I Thought:

This was a fantastic book and not at all what I expected from the cover. I'm not sure that I can tell you EXACTLY what I expected, but it was more along the lines of vampires or raging zombies in my mind. Now they did have "zombies" but anyway...

I'll say that I was pleasantly suprised by Ryan's story telling abilities all the way around. The setting for the story was great and so were the storyline and characters. I'd hate to give anything away about this one but I'll say that while it had some grusomness (is that even a word? ) it was also a sad and touching story all at the same time.

I was totally pleased with this one and think that guys and gals alike will enjoy it!

About The Author:

Ryan Brown is an actor who has starred on the daytime dramas Guiding Light and The Young and The Restless, and has appeared on Law & Order as well as in feature films for Lifetime Television. PLAY DEAD is his first novel. He lives in Manhattan with his wife and children.


About The Book:
(from Pub website)

For the first time in Killington High School history, the Jackrabbits football team is one win away from the district championship where it will face its most vicious rival, the Elmwood Heights Badgers. On the way to the game, the Jackrabbits’s bus plunges into a river, killing every player except for bad-boy quarterback Cole Logan who is certain the crash was no accident—given that Cole himself was severely injured in a brutal attack by three ski-masked men earlier that day. Bent on payback, Cole turns to a mysterious fan skilled in black magic to resurrect his teammates. But unless the undead Jackrabbits defeat their murderous rival on the field, the team is destined for hell. In a desperate race against time, with only his coach’s clever daughter, Savannah Hickman, to assist him, Cole must lead his zombie team to victory

Movie Thoughts: Avatar by James Cameron (What did you think?)

I know you've never seen a movie review on here before (which you might see once in a while) but I finally got to watch this one last night and was totally blown away!

The animation was fantastic and the story was fantastic. The world that was created in this one was literally just beautiful! It's not often that a movie will make me feel so emotional over a thing like the setting; but I was so impressed with the imagination and no doubt the work that went into creating the world of Pandora.

At the same time I spent most of the movie mad and sad...whay's that you ask? Well, because this whole movie had an underlying message of environmental awareness.

I was so mad because what I saw was so true that it made me emotional. We, as humans, have really messed up our world in so many ways. In this movie, humans find this beautiful place called Pandora and commence to totally screw it up and ruin it. It made me so so sad. It made me sad because it was the truth and it's what would happen if we were ever to find another beautiful world.

Don't get me wrong...I love all my ease and things that I'm sure don't help out the environment but I think personally, that it's time for a bigger change from my family. I'm not sure how that will be yet, but that's the effect that this movie had on me.

In My Opinion, it was a truly touching and beautiful movie. If you haven't watched it yet then you should watch it tonight.

The Website:

If you've seen it before what did you think?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Release Day Feature: Nancy's Theory Of Style by Grace Coopersmith

Book Details:

Paperback: 368 pages
Publisher: Gallery; Original edition (May 18, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1416598863
ISBN-13: 978-1416598862

Book Summary:
(from Amazon)

Lively young socialite Nancy Carrington-Chambers has always believed an excellent sense of style and strict attention to detail are what it takes to succeed, but her own husband Todd is showing symptoms of incurable tackiness, so Nancy flees their McMansion for her posh San Francisco apartment. She knows her event planning company, Froth, is a real winner, but she must prove herself by reinventing the turgid Barbary Coast Historical Museum fundraiser. Luckily, Nancy now has the perfect assistant. Derek Cathcart is British, impeccably dressed, gorgeous, and clearly gay—so why does Nancy find him so attractive?

Before Nancy can unravel her feelings, her irresponsible cousin Birdie abandons her little daughter with Nancy and takes off. Nancy, Derek, and Eugenia make an unlikely “family,” but strangely it seems incredibly right. Now Nancy’s parents are pressuring her to return to Todd, and she still has to pull off a spectacular party. For someone who’s always known exactly where she’s going, Nancy is in dangerously uncharted waters.

So this one sounds really good! Is it something you're planning on picking up?

Review and Giveaway: Welcome to Harmony by Jodi Thomas (blog tour)

Book Details:

Paperback: 384 pages
Publisher: Berkley (June 1, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0425235106
ISBN-13: 978-0425235102
Review Copy: Publisher


What I Thought:

I REALLY enjoyed this one! I loved the down home, small town characters, and the revolving theme of love throughout the story. It wasn't all romantic love was family love and love for your home all wrapped up in one.

I did like reading about the budding friendships and romances; I do plan on continuing to follow this trilogy. Jodi Thomas was able to make me feel connected to her character's through her writing.

This story certainly had enough elements to keep everyone busy including some mystery! I have to say that it was a good mix of everything!

I'll be waiting for the next book coming out in the fall because there's so much more I want to know about these wonderful character's!


About the Book:
(from Amazon)

Sixteen-year-old runaway Reagan has always wanted a place to belong. She's never had a real home of her own, but perhaps she could borrow someone else's. Under an assumed name and identity, she moves to Harmony, Texas, but keeps her distance from the welcoming townsfolk. Until prairie fires threaten Harmony-and Reagan learns the true meaning of family, friends, and home.


And now a Guest Post from Jodi Thomas:

In a few days WELCOME TO HARMONY will hit the stores and I don’t know when I’ve been so excited about a book coming out. A writer writes a story, climbs into a world and lives there for months. Then, the writer has to send the story off and let go of the characters for a while. With this book it wasn’t easy.

I open with Reagan, a runaway, being dropped off after dark on the Main Street of Harmony, Texas. Before the night is over, she’s stepped into a world she’s never known. A world where she can belong.

As I wrote it seemed like my characters came to me one at a time, sat down, and began to tell me their story. As the book moves through the weeks, you’ll meet a funeral director who cares about everyone he meets, a volunteer fire chief who loves what he does, a sheriff who fights every day to live up to her family, and a child who sees people for who they really are.

This story will touch your heart and make you laugh. By the time you finish, you’ll feel like Harmony is a real place.

Three love stories wind their way through the book. One is a story of first love between two teenagers. Another is a love story between two strong willed adults who have loved each other since childhood but are torn apart because of an accident. The third love story is between a middle aged kind man who had never found anyone he can talk too. He develops a relationship with a woman on line that he met one icy night when they were both forced of the road due to weather. Both are professionals dedicated to their work and not the kind of people used to sharing feelings.

I hope to keep you up late because you have to learn what happens to the folks in Harmony. So, come along with me for a visit.

Jodi Thomas


I want to thank Jodi for joining us today! Thanks to her and the publisher I have a copy of this one to giveaway!

-to enter you MUST leave a comment or question for the author.
-open to US and Canadian residents only
-please leave an email
-Contest ends June 1st Release Day!

Review: The Elf of Luxemborg by Tom Weston (blog tour)

What I Thought:
*thinking* What can I say about this book?
Right @ the beginning of the book you have the author's note...sometimes I read these and sometimes I don't. I'm glad I read this one because I found it to be rather important to fully "getting" the story.
This book was a combination of historical, contemporary, and paranormal. It was confusing at times because of the jump between past and present but it all eventually ties in. I found there was a whirlwind of information that combined fact and fiction (which is mentioned in the author's note) to make an interesting story. I found what seemed to be a lot of myth and legend also.
I enjoyed reading the contemporary parts of the story the most. I really liked Jackie and Alex's characters...I also enjoy the paranormal line up of elf and vampires.

About The Book:
The thing about El Dorado is . . . No, forget that. The thing about younger sisters is . . . What’s an older sister to do? It’s not all fun fairs and ice-cream. Well, it is – but that’s beside the point. When one is in Luxembourg, there is a certain standard to maintain, and vacationing with Elves and Vampires is just so old school. But can Alex convince her younger sister, Jackie, of that? No, of course not, so she may as well get used to it. But deep beneath the ancient city of Luxembourg there lies a secret. The Vampires believe it is protected by the Elf. The Elf believes it is protected by a prophecy concerning Alex and Jackie. And the sisters? They believe shoes in Luxembourg are too expensive. Why are the Vampires going toe-to-toe with an Elf for the pleasure of the sisters’ company? Why does the Elf think Alex and Jackie can sing? And just who let Sir Walter Raleigh and the Conquistadors into this story? To answer these questions will take all of the sisters’ cunning, bravery and imagination, as well as some souvenir shopping. Because this is the Elf of Luxembourg and this is an Alex and Jackie Adventure.

About The Author:
Originally from England, Tom now resides in Boston, Massachusetts. Before turning his hand to fiction, Tom had a successful career as the CEO of a consulting company, conference speaker and writer of industry articles and business books. His novel, First Night, set in Boston during the New Year’s Eve festival, introduced the unlikely heroines, Alex and Jackie, and the ghost of a 17th century Puritan named Sarah Pemberton. First Night won an Honorable Mention in the Middle-Grade/Young Adult category, in the Writers Digest 17th Annual International Self-Published Book Awards. The sequel to First Night, called The Elf of Luxembourg, was published in January, 2010. As with First Night, The Elf of Luxembourg is also a supernatural mystery, with a blend of humor and history that has become Tom’s trademark. Tom is currently working on Book 3 of the Alex and Jackie Adventures, and is researching the background material for the story, which will be set in Ireland. Tom has also written the screenplay, Fission, based on the true story of scientist, Lisa Meitner, and the race for the atomic bomb, and which was named a finalist at the London Independent Film Festival.
**review copy provided by the author