Saturday, January 1, 2011 a garage sale!

I decided to skip a regular old mailbox because I was so excited to share this great find! One of the local churches was having a garage sale to raise money. (Apparently not checking book content LOL!) On the second day of the sale my mom convinced me to take a ride with her and much to my surprise they had books. Well...everything was also half price the second day and I picked up ALL of these books and those cute book ends for a whopping total of SIX dollars!

FIFTY TWO books for SIX dollars! Can you tell I'm ecstatic about it! (I actually think that I left some on the bookshelf when I took the pics but you get the idea. *smile*)


  1. Holy moly! Thats a lot of books! Look at all those pretty series waiting to be read! I am so jealous! I always find a good deal at Goodwill as well. Go back and get me some! LOL

  2. That is an awesome, awesome way to spend six bucks. Lucky you; I'm absolutely jealous :)