Friday, December 17, 2010

Review: Cameo the Assassin And Cameo and the Highwayman

By: Dawn McCullough White


This series was a little different from what I’m used of reading. I expected it to be just another vampire book, and boy was I wrong.

I can’t say what makes it different because that would ruin the books, but it was a very nice change from the usual. You have to admire the main character because no matter what hand she has been dealt she just keeps moving forward and accepting her fate.

These books are kind of short; I was able to finish both in less than one day. I do find the books were more like short stories than novels. I wish they would have been longer, but I still enjoyed them. I really like the fact that her books are being released so close together, so I don’t have to wait so long to find out what will happen next

About Book 1:

(from Author's website)

The Kingdom of Sieunes is rife with taverns, dirty streets, and clay pipe smoking citizens all toiling to feed their families and keep themselves in something little better than rags. With a foiled revolution just ten years prior still burning in the hearts of many, the royals enlist the aid of assassins to keep things in order.
The townsfolk entertain themselves by dreaming of better times to come and regaling in stories of the undead said to walk the graveyards at night... and of Cameo the killer with corpse-like eyes... Scarred and jaded Cameo is one of the most effective assassins in the employ of the Association, moving from one mission to the next as long as the alcohol keeps flowing.
Her acceptance of the murder-for-hire lifestyle is thrown into doubt when she meets a local highwayman with a penchant for fine clothes and women, and then she begins to think about breaking with the company but no one ever breaks with the Association under good terms.
About Book 2:
The land of Shandow is a place of arctic cold. It was the scene of the bloody revolution, and is the location of the item Cameo's master wants so badly. In the dark of winter a vampire lies in wait......Opal is unable to run from his past... and Cameo must make a choice that will cost her the last shred of humanity she has left.

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