Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Short Gift Guide: My Secret Circle and Zibits Mini Robots

I have kids and I'm always looking for interesting things for them. I received both of these products for review and I want to tell you about them in this "Mini" gift guide.

My Secret Circle is a computer based item that you can safely hook up with your best friend online. My daughter gave one to her BFF and they had a great time exploring all the features and being able to talk safely and privately. I'll tell you that it took us a little while to figure it out but other than that they loved it.

From the Website:

Unlock your secret circle! A key for you and your best friend too!Stay connected with your friends online with My Secret Circle BBF Pack™! With the BFF pack you get to select your very first circle friend! Online Access Keys unlocks the ability to Journal, Instant Message, Play Games and share photos with your Secret Circle!

No subscriptions or additional fees required.

I also received a Zibit Mini Robot and I'll say that my son LOVED this toy. It's a small robot that comes with a little remote and you can "drive" it around. I'll say that he had a blast (as did his dad) and wants more. They seem to be affordable and I can see us buying more. If you have a boy (or even a girl) you may want to take the time to check into this!

From Toys R Us website:

Welcome to the world of Zibits with our Zibit? Mini Collectible R/C Robot - Urban Tech 1! Zibits spin, race, and are taking the world by storm! These Mini Collectable Zibits come to life with R/C!! Race your Zibit forward and turn at a 360 degree radius. Collect'em ALL! 12 hot Zibit designs! The Zibit? Mini Collectible R/C Robot features:

Awesome Zibit sound effects
Multiple points of articulation

**Review products provided by manufacturer. All opinions are my own and I did not receive monetary compensation for this post.

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