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Guest Post: Ann Pareti from Life Choices 'Putting The Pieces Together'


When Judi Moreo mentioned she was creating a book about stories of people who had to make choices on starting over again or picking up pieces in their lives, I have to say, my initial response was, my goodness, I could probably write a few chapters in that book! However, the idea that there were so many other people that perhaps had more profound stories than I could ever imagine made me think my story wouldn’t even make the first cut of submissions. Well, goes to show you what I really know! So, I am here today to share a hint of my tale with you.

I was given an opportunity early in my life to make some life altering choices on where my world would take me. Sometimes we don’t know how one little choice can change our world overnight. I was always fond of the song “What a Difference a Day Makes” for many reasons, however, the real reason was I always believed that change could happen in merely a day. Actually, change could happen in a split second if we are open to the option of merely choosing again. We have all had an experience of that at one time or another. I can still remember a time several years ago, where I was sitting at a red light and the light turned green and something inside of me said to wait just a second or two before crossing the light, just then a car came speeding across the intersection that I was suppose to be in at that moment. I was very thankful I listened to that little voice inside my head. Again, a split second choice was what changed my world. Had I not been open to listening and just going on auto-pilot that day, I suspect I would not be here to write this at all.

Well, as you have probably guessed by now, I made a choice that altered by future. How I chose to deal with that choice is what makes this tale a little different than perhaps someone else’s story. I always knew somehow and some way, if I was to succeed in what I desired, I would find a way of achieving it. Those of us who live in America have the freedom and luxury of living in a country where we can choose our thoughts and our actions without persecution. On most days, I remember that I can choose how I perceive this life and I choose to perceive it with the help of grace.

About The Author:

Since 1977, Ann Parenti has lived in Las Vegas and has seen this city grow into the community it is today. Ann owns Parenti & Associates which is a manufacturers’ representative firm that sell products to the architectural and design community such as wallcovering, fabric, furniture, artwork and digital artwork. She has owned the company since 1987 and enjoys her career. However, there is another whole world that Ann started exploring a few years back that originated out of wanting to help people. She is also a singer songwriter and has a CD on the market called As Promised, music based on A Course in Miracles. In 2009, when the economy took a detour, the idea of doing a seminar to help her clients and friends who were being displaced and let go came to her. POSSIBILITIES – The Seminar was born. It is now going into its second year and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. Ann is also featured as one of the authors in the book Life Choices: Picking up the Pieces. Ann has been involved in several association network groups that are related to her career such as NEWH, IIDA, ASID, CSI, Rep Network Group. She recently expanded her networking to groups like WNTLV, WE of Las Vegas, Kiwanis of Las Vegas Neon Lights, and a few more. Over the years Ann has adopted many community service projects to raise money for and recently she has been involved with one near and dear to her heart called the Oasis Center. Ann is happily married to Curtis McCoy and has 3 charming step daughters who all married and then gave her and Curtis 7 beautiful grandchildren.

To find out more about Ann, please visit the following websites.

About Life Choices: Putting the Pieces Together

If life didn’t challenge us,how could we know how strong we are?
How would we learn who we are capable of becoming?

There is no such thing as life without struggle. No one comes out of a struggle the same as he or she was when it began. Everyone has to make choices between giving up or growing stronger.
These authors hope that by sharing their stories, you will realize nomatter how many pieces your life is in or what they look like, you can fit them together into a picture of wholeness and success.

Meet the Co-Authors of Life Choices: Putting the Pieces Together:

Andrea Chestnut
Jasmine Freeman
Anne Dreyer
Kathy Jo Pollack
Vickie Lane
Gregory Lay
Jo Wilkins
Charlotte Foust
Joan Peck
Ginette Osier Bedsaul
April Aimee Adams
Darlene Mahon
Joy Huntsman
Myriam Lazo
Bea Goodwin
Eric Culverson
Cindy Hallam
Deborah Clark
Ann Parenti
Lori La Bey
Becky Buckley
Mike Levin
Peggy Vasquez
Derick Poremba-Brumer
Lynette Chapell

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