Sunday, September 12, 2010

Treasures In My Mailbox! + A Recap

Let's see what I had in the mailbox and then I'll get through a few other things at the end of this post. :) Big thanks to the authors and publishers who sent things my way and thanks to The Printed Page and The Story Siren for hosting mailbox meme's.

These are review books that I received this week. Can't wait to start on them!
Another copy of The Last Track, you ask?
Well, this one has a quote from my review in it. I know you can't see it but it's the one on the bottom. (I'll get a better picture but I need new batteries for my good camera. )

From Author E.J. Stevens...She Smells The Dead.
As you can see there are quite a few goodies there! I have a copy to review and a signed copy to give away. (Along with those goodies...)
I had won a few books and those came in this
week. I'm really excited about reading these!
I bought a few used books that came in this week.
As you can see they have one of Charlaine Harris' Harper Connelly mysteries in there. I've read it and I'll post a review this week. I actually really enjoyed it! (I'm waiting for the second book to come in.)
I finished reading The Passage today...that is just a draining book. I liked it but gosh it was long! I'll try to post a review for that this week but BBAW (Book Blogger Appreciation Week) is going on this week so I'm not sure what I'll get around to.
Don't forget to stop in tommorrow for Scott Nicholson's blog tour! He'll be giving away Kindles so make sure to check out all his stops!


  1. i got 30 day method too! i forgot to add it to my post! enjoy!

  2. You'll love the Molly Harper book!

    Sending you a Book Blogger award!

    Check the link here ( ) to pick up your award!