Monday, September 6, 2010

Q&A with author of Being Light: Helen Smith

I'm currently reading Being Light by Helen Smith so I'd like to share with you a Q&A session that we recently did.

1. Tell us a little about yourself and Being Light.

I live in London and I write novels and plays mostly, though I have also written screenplays (nothing produced yet, I have a few projects in development) and poetry. My first book, Alison Wonderland, features the eponymous Alison and her job at an all-female detective agency.

In Being Light, some of the characters from the first book pop up again as minor characters, though it can be read as a stand-alone book. It’s a quirky comedy and although it’s about a man who disappears, and his wife who goes in search of him, the plot is secondary to the development of the characters. It got some fantastic reviews in the UK press and has been optioned by the BBC

to be made into a TV series.

2.Why did you decide to write comedy?

It comes naturally to me. I can rarely get through a conversation without a quip. That sounds strangely repellent but I’m quite good company, really. I like reading elegant, well-crafted, witty prose, and that’s what I try to write.

3. Ten Things I Wish I Knew About Being an Author I Didn’t Know Before...

Wow! Ten? I’m afraid it’s pretty much the way I thought it would be – I sit around all day, thinking or writing. It’s deliciously self-indulgent. Fortunately I never imagined I’d be rich, though I suppose I did think that after I got my first novel published, it would be the start of something wonderful, and that my life as a writer would involve gliding serenely towards further success. In fact, it turns out you can’t ever just sit about; you have to keep paddling.

So...that’s one thing. I owe you another nine things.

4. What are your hopes for your writing future?

I’d like to get more of my work published and produced. I hope I keep writing until I die and that I’ll get some more good reviews and win some prizes along the way.

5. Last but not least an easy question: Can you share your current read and your favorite childhood book with us?

I have just finished China MiĆ©ville’s The City & The City and thought it was fantastic. It’s the first of his that I have read and I’m going to read the others. I loved so many books when I was a child. I read voraciously. I particularly enjoyed the Narnia books and The Borrowers. I can never choose just one, sorry!

If you would like to check out more about Being Light or Helen you can find her here:

I have a blog that I update regularly; please come and say hello.

I also have a website but that’s fairly static. My author page at Amazon is here.

I’m on Twitter. If you have an account and you’d like to follow me, I’ll follow you back.

About The Book:

Roy Travers is swept away by a freak gust of wind while trying to install a bouncy castle in Brockwell Park, south London. Sheila, his wife, can’t understand why he hasn’t found his way back home. She begins to suspect that Roy has been abducted by aliens and enlists the help of Mrs Fitzgerald’s Bureau of Investigation to find him. Sheila travels to Kent with Alison, a private detective. Together they build a missing persons advertisement out of pebbles on a beach, hoping it will be seen by the aliens who have taken Roy. But Roy was not taken by aliens. The truth is far stranger.

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