Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mini-Views: Pretty Monsters and Daemon Hall

I decided to "Mini-View" these together because while they are different they are similar. You see, both contain several short stories.

Daemon Hall:

This one was fun and creepy. It was several short stories in a larger story. It was interesting to "hear" each character's tale. The kiddy creep factor was there an entertaining!

About The Book:
(from pub website)

Is winning a writing contest worth risking your life?

Nothing exciting ever happens in the town of Maplewood—that is, until famous thriller writer Ian Tremblin holds a short-story writing contest with a prize that seems to be the opportunity of a lifetime: five finalists will get to spend the evening with Tremblin himself in the haunted mansion Daemon Hall, and the winner of the best short story will see publication.

Wade Reilly and the other finalists could never have imagined what they find lurking in the shadows of this demonic mansion. During a suspenseful night of tale-telling, strange incidents mix the realms of the real and the supernatural. What is Tremblin really up to, and can he be trusted? What about Daemon Hall—is it alive? And, more to the point, will any of the contestants make it out of this hall of horrors to tell their story?


Pretty Monsters:

This one was a pretty quick and entertaining book of short stories. Some creepy, some scary, and some that were downright silly! I enjoyed it for the ease of reading. You were able to read a story and put it down to come back to later. I also enjoyed it for it's entertainment value.

About The Book:
(from Walker Books)

Boiling up a unique brew of fairytale, fantasy, horror, myth and mischief, Kelly Link creates a world like no other, where ghosts of girlfriends past rub up against Scrabble-loving grandmothers with terrifying magic handbags, wizards sit alongside morbid babysitters, and we encounter a people-eating monster who claims to have a sense of humour.

**Review copies provided by publishers. All opinions are my own.


  1. Wow, LOVE the sound of Daemon Hall. Adding it to my TBR right now!

  2. They both sound fun, Daemon Hall especially.

  3. Interesting highlight....Daemon Hall was already on my Wish List....but will have to check the other one out further. Happy reading!