Thursday, August 5, 2010

Review: Starfire Angels by Melanie Nilles (This was super good!)

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ISBN: 10/13: 1448631343 / 978-1448631346
Ebook: $1.99
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What I Thought:

Let me start off by saying this, if you liked Hush, Hush then I think you would like this one. If you hated Hush, Hush I think you would LOVE this one. I didn't hate Hush, Hush but I had mixed feelings about it. This one gave me no mixed feelings. I completely and totally adored it!

I'm not even sure about how to describe it. You think it's paranormal at first but it's more of a sci-fi story. I'll say this much though...I adored it. Melanie's writing style is excellent and she draws you in with her fast-paced story development.

The characters are great and a very "real" bunch of teenagers. There are surprises at every turn and the storyline was unique. I really recommend this one to YA and "fallen angel" fans as I think you'll find something totally different and intriquing in this book.

About The Book:
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They've been coming here for thousands of years, using Earth as a sanctuary to escape threats from their own kind. Mankind knows them as angels, and one of them left a child upon her death to be raised as a human.

Raea is now a high school senior, and her life as a human is about to end. The crystal shard she bears is not a pretty pendant; it's a collective of powerful entities who chose her as their Keeper, a protector of one of the four shards that power a machine capable of destroying whole worlds. Those who desire the Starfire's power have sent an agent to find her, but she's too busy evading a nosy reporter ready to exploit her secret and dating a hot new foreign student to notice. Nevermind learning what she really is.

Only one person on Earth can help her, the last person she ever expected. But he's not from Earth. Life as a human would be so much easier.

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  1. WOW this sounds REALLY good, LOVE Indie authors, off to buy this now for my nook!!! WOW

  2. Wow! I'm soooo happy that I could give you a great story :D Thanks for the review!