Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Review: Nightmare House by Douglas Clegg

What I Thought:

As some of you may know I'm a helpless Clegg fan! I adore his writing style and how his stories always manage to send a chill down my spine.

Nightmare House was fantastic. I enjoyed the changing points-of-view; that really kept the story interesting.

Another thing about Douglas Clegg's writing...it's always shrouded in mystery that keeps you guessing. It makes the story more exciting because I never know what will happen.

If your a horror fan I'll say check this one out. If you haven't read this author's work yet I'll also include a recommendation to check out Neverland. That's also an awesome book!

About The Book:
(from author's website)

Harrow House Series, Book 1 — There are places that hold in the traces of evil, houses that become legendary for the mysteries and secrets within their walls. Harrow is one such house. Psychic manifestations, poltergeist activity, hallucinations, and other residue of terror have all been documented in Harrow. It has been called Nightmare House. It is a nest for the restless spirits of the dead. When Ethan Gravesend arrives to inherit Nightmare House, he does not suspect the horror that awaits him — the nightmare of the woman trapped within the walls of the house, or the endless crying of an unseen child.

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