Monday, July 19, 2010

Review: Rottweiler Rescue by Ellen O'Connell

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What I Thought:

Cozy mystery fans and dog lovers...this one is for you! I loved how the author worked in some "real-life hardcore truths" about shelter and rescue dogs. (But don't think that it made it sound like an educational pamphlet or anything!)

It really was a great little cozy that I zoomed through because the author does have a very smooth writing style.

Overall, I totally liked the main character, the subject matter, and the original storyline. Like I said, cozy fans should check this one out!

About The Book:
(from Amazon)

No one promised Dianne Brennan that her volunteer work as a foster home for Rottweiler Rescue would be easy. And no one warned her that the job would be murderously hard! Yet murder is what Dianne faces when she takes a dog to his new home, finds the adopter dead, and sees the killer leaving the scene. Worse, although Dianne cannot identify the killer, he begins stalking her with deadly intent. The sheriff's investigators in Douglas County, Colorado, are convinced the killer is a member of the victim's family. Dianne is sure he will be found where the victim worked - in the world of dog shows and dog people. Can she keep herself and her dogs safe long enough to prove she is right? Can Dianne and her Rottweilers collar the killer?

About The Author:

Ellen O'Connell lives in Douglas County, Colorado, with a motley crew of Rottweilers, Rottweiler mixes and a Morgan horse. She was active in Rottweiler rescue work for almost ten years, first on her own, then on the Board of Directors of Rottie Aid, a Colorado Rottweiler rescue group. At the present time, her rescue work is limited to transporting dogs for Rottie Aid, but she expects there will be other foster dogs in her future.

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