Saturday, July 10, 2010

PR: Jamba At Home Smoothie Kits!

Since it's the weekend it means that you'll be seeing a few product reviews! (and even some giveaways!)
The first review I have for you today is the Jamba Juice at Home Smoothie Kits! You can find the website here. You can also find all the nutritional information there also.

What We Thought:
Yummy! That about sums it up....but I guess I'll tell you some more about 'em. They are delicious and so easy to make! We tried all three pictured above and the only thing we needed was our blender and apple juice. You throw the frozen fruit in the blender, add your cup of juice, mix, and TA-DA! I must say that this was a really healthy drink/snack for us. I'll be buying some more because we REALLY enjoyed it!
**samples provided by Jamba Juice

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