Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Review: Captain Bonny Morgan The Cassandra Prophesy by Rob "Doc" Gowdy (Blog Tour)

What I Thought:
Well, this one is defenitely an "adult" book if you know what I mean....so I'll keep this review PG as I like to do here @ TCBL. I knew it had "adult" content but wooh! It's a sci-fi book with what I would classify as a touch of erotica.
Now besides all that, the storyline is excellent! Women running the universe!? That's awesome! I'm far from a feminist but I thought it was really cool to see the roles reversed and the women in charge.
The characters were all really great and I of course like Bonny Morgan. She was a kick butt charcter right from the start. I must say that the majority of the characters were interesting.
Overall, I thought it was great.

About The Book:

Called to action by a mysterious ancient Order-an ancient Order in cahoots with the Empress Flaccilla of the First Galactic Empire of Emperor Tulla-to help bring about the fulfillment of a long forgotten prophesy, the beautiful galactic pirate, Captain Bonny Morgan, sets out on her mission to successfully bring the prophesy to reality. By kidnapping the Empress’s daughter, Princess Cosette, Captain Morgan sets into motion an adventure awash in political intrigues, hidden agendas, unexpected revelations, and bold, daring gambits by those involved at every level of the conspiracy. Setting out to find her kidnapped sister, Princess Lysette, joined by her beautiful, mischievous, and extraordinary slavegirl, Tink, crisscrosses the galaxy in a bawdy, erotic, and often hilarious attempt to find Cosette. Along the way, Lysette and Tink fall in with a variety of extraordinary allies in their attempt to find Cosette, meeting the Lady Brit, Jon Black, Pirate Queen Colleen O’Malley, Gunns Mannigan, Buster O’Malley, the beautiful pirates Kana and Blaze, and Bully, the roguish owner of the pirate tavern, the Pretty Red.

**review copy provided by publisher

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