Friday, June 11, 2010

Review: Bitter Frost by Kailin Gow (Blog Tour)

What I Thought:
Fairy fans...this one is for you! I'm so happy that I had the opportunity to review this book!
Kailin writes beautifully and weaves a magical tale that you won't forget. Yes, it reminded me of other fairie stories I've read, but all of them remind me of each other as I think the basic research is the same. Bitter Frost had so many elements that I did find unique; I don't want to spoil the story so I'll just say that there are way more than fairies that go to and fro.
I loved these characters; Kailin was able to pack so much feeling into these teens that you almost felt like you knew them. The setting of the story, Feyland, is just wonderfully depicted through the author's writing. The storyline itself was a first for me and I really enjoyed the spin on "lost love" and "loyalties."
I recommend this one to fans of fairy books because I thought it was just awesome! I can't wait to jump back into this world with book 2!
About The Book:
All her life, Breena had always dreamed about fairies as though she lived among them...beautiful fairies living among mortals and living in Feyland. In her dreams, he was always there the breathtakingly handsome but dangerous Winter Prince, Kian, who is her intended. When Breena turns sixteen, she begins seeing fairies and other creatures mortals don t see. Her best friend Logan, suddenly acts very protective. Then she sees Kian, who seems intent on finding her and carrying her off to Feyland. That's fine and all, but for the fact that humans rarely survive a trip to Feyland, a kiss from a fairy generally means death to the human unless that human has fairy blood in them or is very strong, and although Kian seemed to be her intended, he seems to hate her and wants her dead.

**review copy provided by the author


  1. You make this sound like a must-read. Great review.

  2. I now know not to kiss fairies. They have cool lipstick though!

  3. Thanks for stopping by should check this one out. I really enjoyed it as you can tell.

    Marc, I wouldn't put it past you to try to kiss a fairy or two LOL!