Monday, June 7, 2010

Review and Guest Post: Swimming With Wings by Lee Libro

What I Thought:
This book was a totally different and original read. It has such an interesting group of characters that are real, flawed, and relatable. The whole book (to me) had an intimate vibe. Maybe it was from the way you get to know the characters or maybe it's from the author's writing style. I'd also say that it was an "intense" read...not in a bad way either. It's not a "fluffy" book if you know what I makes you think.
I really liked Lark and the setting of the story; the premise of the book was good and I enjoyed Lee's writing style. If you're looking for a book that's deep and with meaning to it then this might be one to consider.
Guest Post Time!

A Day in the Life of Lee Libro
Author of Swimming With Wings

People always ask me how I’m able to accomplish anything as a writer considering that I’m also a book reviewer, an artist, a realtor’s assistant, wife and mother of five children. While I’m certain my average day might seem like a sequence of gear shifts that would wear out anyone’s clutch, I maintain a relatively calm demeanor I owe to a half century of varied experiences that have taught me that when harnessed, complexity can fire up a lot of power.

My days most often include a combination of tasks that I tackle by mentally compartmentalizing them. I guess they call that multi-tasking. But when I think of the word, multi-tasking, I see Rosie, the robot from the Jetsons, with multiple mechanical arms.

My approach would be better compared to a chef in a kitchen who has to prepare all of the components for a five-course meal. Being widowed at a young age taught me that every day is like that, a sumptuous meal providing nourishment, to be relished, consumed and digested or learned from.

Cooking aside, (I rarely cook) my daily tasks entail performing any combination of the following:
-Driving my son to and from school,
-Filtering and responding to leads for my husband’s real estate business,
-Thinking about each of my five children ages 16 to 22
-Creating promotional brochures and flyers for properties,
-Co-managing the office with husband/ realtor
-Driving my son to and from work
-Walking my two dogs
-Writing posts for any one of four blogs:,

and my two newest blogs:

Writing articles at

-Tweeting, facebooking and ninging
-Working out at the gym three times a week or riding my bike or power walking
-Promoting my latest novel, Swimming With Wings

Read more about it here or order at:

-Walking my two dogs, again
-Thinking about each of my five children ages 16 to 22, again
-Writing on works in progress, shorts stories and developing two novels, one of which will be entered into this year’s NaNoWriMo contest.
-Laying on the beach at Siesta Key

-Painting: watercolors and acrylic on canvas
-Spending quality time with my husband (no shop talk allowed)
-Managing my art websites:
-Book cataloging at Shelfari, Goodreads and
-Reading, reading, reading
-Critiquing works live with my local writer’s group
-Reviewing books for out of Houston and my blog
-Performing any one of several tasks related to parenting teenagers and young adults
…and of course there’s housework, which I insist on doing myself or with help from the family. (I think Rosie the Robot would approve.)
-Thinking about each of my five children ages 16 to 22, again and again

Back when they were all with me. Now they’re growing up and leaving the nest.

Thanks for joining us today Lee!

**review copy provided by author


  1. Enjoyed learning a little more about both the book and the author! Sounds like one busy lady...and STILL has time to produce a book of her own. (virtual) hats off to you....and thanks for sharing a great post Kris! ^_^

  2. Thanks for the review! The book sounds like something that I would be interested in!

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    -Jessica a.k.a Nya's mom

  3. Thanks for stopping by! Lee's book was very interesting....and is she not UBER busy!?

  4. Thank you so much for reviewing my book and giving me a guest appearance on your blog. It's this sort of thing that makes work seem fun and takes the busy out of business.

  5. Thanks for stopping by Lee! I'm glad you thought it was fun!