Thursday, June 17, 2010

Review: Anansi Island by Christian Cantrell

What I Thought:
*screams in frustration*
Wondering why that is? Well it's because I wish that this would have been a full length novel instead of a short story!
Christian wrote a wonderfully well-rounded short; I always wonder how authors do this. It seems to me that it's almost harder to write a short story compared to a novel. Maybe I'm wrong but I don't think so...
It was great; the storyline is something I could easily see as a movie! It would make for a great script!
For a short read it packs a big punch. I think the author should write a part two...even if it's just for me. *smile*
About The Book:
(from author's website)

A quiet and remote wildlife refuge, Anansi Island was the perfect place for Laurel to escape her past. But throughout the island's history, its isolation also made it the perfect place to hide things the world was never meant to see.

As Laurel finds herself entangled in the island's newest and most bizarre chapter, she must not only solve its mysteries, but also survive long enough to pass them on.
This short story by Christian Cantrell mixes science fiction and horror with endearing and enigmatic characters who can only solve the mysteries of Anansi Island by facing their worst fears.
You can visit Christian's website here and learn about more of his work.

*review copy provideed by author


  1. I agree. I would like to spend more time with Laurel.

  2. Thanks for stopping in! Glad to see I'm not the only one who would love a longer story! :)

  3. This sounds really neat. I wonder if e-books will bring in a revival of the short story.

  4. Hey Sheila1 You know, that;s a really great question. I hadn't even thought in terms of that but now that you mention it....