Friday, June 18, 2010

A Question: Will e-books bring back the 'short story'?

This is the question that was brought up by one of the readers yesterday after checking out a short story review. Sheila Deeth who's blog can be found here asked that question and really made me think!
I certainly think she has a point! I read anthologies in some genres because I like short stories, but you wouldn't see me purchasing a $6.00 print book for ONE story.
Since having my Kindle I've received several short stories to review and I've really enjoyed them. Majority of them can be bought on Amazon for .99 and I'm willing to pay that. (especially if it's from an author that I've tried and liked)
So, my question to all of you is:
Do you think that e-readers will bring back the popularity of short stories? Are you willing to pay the .99 to read one?


  1. I sure hope so! It love short stories but I'm not big on anthologies. The idea of being able to buy just one short story appeals to me.

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I like anthologies but like you said...being able to buy just one is appealing.

  3. I think so! Short stories make up about half of the books on my eReader. You're right that $6.00 is too much to spend on a short story. Now eReaders (hopefully) will keep them affordable.

    Diana @ Book of Secrets

  4. I think so too! And I love it :)
    GREAT question!

  5. I was inspired by all the short stories available on Kindle to write some myself. This is a real departure for me since I write full length novels.

    So far, it's fun and rewarding. I've got one done and another well started. I was thinking of an anthology of ten, but from what you guys are saying, maybe I should publish them one at a time for .99.

    The first one is 30 pages. So what do you think?

  6. @Diana-- Isn't there like a treasure trove of short stories for the kindle? I love them!

    @JuJu--thanks for stopping by! I have to give Sheila the credit for making me wonder about it. :)

    @Margaret. I think 30 pages is a great length and def. something I would pick up for .99 I think the anthologies depend on the lengths of the short stories to. In David McAfee's "The Lake" there were 17 short stories but several were one page deals or 5 pages. It was a "quick" read.

  7. I think blogs have brought back the joy of short stories. After all, what is a blog post? It's a short serial story about someone's life or perspective.

  8. I don't know. I like short fiction quite a lot, but I won't pay a dollar for just one. And frankly I LIKE collections. But I don't like to read them all at once, and it is GREAT to have several issues of Ellery Queen's and Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazines in my iPod Touch, as well as a few anthologies.

    With paper books, I might lug around the novel I was reading, but short stories had to wait until I was at home. eBooks have changed that.

  9. I edited and proofed the first short story today. Based on these comments, I think I'm going to publish it as a stand-alone for 99 cents.

    I'm about 2500 words into the second story (going for 7,500-10,000 words) When I finish that one, I'll publish the first one and see how it goes from there.

    I'll keep you posted.

    Margaret Lake

  10. I'm having great success with a novella lately. Since it's been marked down to $0.79 (from $0.99), this 17K word fantasy story has been getting more attention. I think there's a market for shorter than novel length stories, but the price has to be fair.

  11. Amazon won't let us do less than 99 cents. A few people have squeaked through with less. I think 99 cents is a fair price for a short story of 20-30 pages. I don't think it's a fair price for 10 pages. If I wrote one that was 10 pages, I'd combine it with another 10-15 pager in one book.