Monday, June 14, 2010

Mailbox Time.....

Let's see...
For Review:
Vampyre Kisses (can't wait to read this one; Thanks Elizabeth!)
The Hypnotist (from TLC tours)
True Blood and Philosophy
Hex Hall
Gumbo Justice (A New Orleans based mystery!)
The Reapers Are The Angels (This look SOOO Good!)
My Give A Damn's Busted
Shadowed Summer (Can't wait to read this one; Thanks Saundra!)
Dark Divine (signed) and nail polish won from an #ARMChairBEA giveaway @ The Book Bluff
It was a super great week here and I can''t wait to read these! Thanks so much to the PR people, publishers, and authors who sent these my way!
So what did you get? Leave a link or a comment so I can check it out!


  1. Look at those books! Hex Hall, Dark Divine---you scored!

  2. I would be in heaven if I had that many books waiting for me to read :o)

  3. Oh yay kris! I'm so glad you got the book! . . . AND the nail polish haha I'm so sorry I'm scatter brained

  4. who's the author on Gumbo Justice? People at work ask me for New Orleans/Louisiana mysteries all the time.

  5. Thanks so much fro stopping in everyone!
    @ Felicia- I did score LOL! That's the book (Dark Divine) that I was geeking out about winning on twitter. :)

    @ Hilary- Thanks! It is exciting!

    @Carrie- Thanks for stopping in!

    @Kika- yep they both came in...don't feel bad I'm a scatterbrain myself LOL!

    @ amcatoir Holli Castillo is the author of Gumbo Justice. :)