Friday, June 11, 2010

The Alison Dare Blog Tour! (and a giveaway!)

Hey everyone! Welcome to TCBL if you're following Alison's blog tour! Maybe you 've stopped in from Marci at Serendipitous Reading ? Right now we're on Day 5 of the tour. If you have any questions the author, J. Torres, will be stopping in later. If you scroll on down you can find out what I thought about these cute books!

Alison battles the Gator in Bayou Country!

What I Thought:

These were cute! My little girl (8) liked the stories very much...I know that she enjoyed the fact that they were shorter and she could put it down each time she finished. These are a good introduction to comics for kids. They brought back memories for me also...I used to be an Archie fan and it's been a long time since I've read something like this.

I liked the character of Alison; she's a talented tween who was tough. strong, and independent. It was kinda like......tween Indiana Jones meets Scooby-Doo? The adventures reminded me of something along those lines

Overall, my daughter liked it and I thought it was good. These books are something to check in to and see if it's right for you or your child.

Tundra Books is Having a contest:

We need your help! Alison Dare is not your typical 12-year-old girl. She’s the daughter of world-renowned archaeologist Dr. Alice Dare and the masked superhero the Blue Scarab, not to mention the niece of international spy and master of disguise Johnny Dare. Action and awesomeness are in her blood, so she is eager for an adventure around the world! Here’s what you can do:

If you click on the pick you can get the full size image or you can go HERE.

There are two different poses for Alison Dare, but you only need to choose one (although if you wanted to do both, go for it!).

Please cut out the Alison Dare figure you have chosen. Feel free to colour and decorate.
Put Alison Dare in front of a famous landmark, in an exotic location, or in the face of danger. You can also be creative with common everyday objects.

Take a photo (or photos) of Alison Dare! There is no limit.

Send your photo of Alison Dare and witty caption to before June 30, 2010.
For more info you can visit the Tundra Books website or get your own copy here.
Thanks for stopping by! The next tour stop is Anna at Book Nerds !
But Wait! There's more! I'm giving away a copy of Alison Dare: The Heart Of The Maiden to one lucky reader!
If you would like to enter please leave a COMMENT or QUESTION for J. Torres or Alison Dare. (yep, you read that that right LOL!)
-open to US/Canadian residents only
-Ends June 25th
-please leave a way for me to contact you
**review copy provided by publisher


  1. Alison and I are ready for your questions!

  2. Looks cool! Please count me in.

    lizzi0915 at aol dot com

  3. I like the look of these. Nice leading character - oh how I longed for brave girl leads when I was a kid. And nice encouragment to read. Not got any girls though and my boys are all grown. Maybe one day...

    Was Alison always a series or did you start with just one story?

  4. My two girls would be really excited to read these Alison Dare books.

    Is Alison based upon someone you know?

    parodi821 at yahoo com

  5. This looks great! Will there be any other members added to the family?

    gr8kidsgr8fam at yahoo dot com

  6. These look like the cutest books. You are a new to me author and I just love discovering them!! Please count me in for this.

    I follow on gfc

    mlawson17 at hotmail dot com

  7. Thanks for stopping in everyone!! Good luck!

  8. These look cute!
    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  9. Sorry for the delay (been out of town)!

    @Sheila Deeth: Alison Dare started out as a comic book (standard format). We did a one shot, and it did well, so we produced a mini-series of three issues, and that did well, so we did another two-parter. All of those are collected in these books, and we're planning to do new stories too!

    @Wendi P: She's in part my sister who went to an all-girls Catholic school and got into some mischief herself, but mostly she's an amalgam (if you will) of Nancy Drew, Tintin, Indiana Jones and Lara Croft.

    @lisanne: We've mentioned Alison's grandfather Archemedes Dare but haven't actually shown him yet, so perhaps one day.

    Thanks for the questions!


  10. I think my daughter would love this. But I wondered is how far do you plan on taking this character? How many more books? Will you ever do other comics geared towards kids? and with other main characters?
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  11. I love Alison's last name Dare--it's so fitting. How did you come by that?

    rubymoonstone at gmail dot com

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