Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Review: Ni'il the Awakening by James Boyle (blog tour)

Here's What I Thought:
What can I say about this one? *taps chin thinking* Well, I'll say that I thought it was TOTALLY original. Personally, I've never read anything like it.
I enjoyed the believable and faulted characters that existed in this small town. I liked the storyline of the ancient spirit coming to take revenge on the people who have ravaged the land. I won't go into to much detail there because it would give away the story but I'll say that I was surprised by the ending. Not because of how it ended but because once I found out the whole "point" to the story I was really shocked!
Don't let that pretty cover fool you though! This one definitely has the horror element to it with some blood and sacrifice mixed in....I liked it! It was scary and bloody and crazy all wrapped up in the deceivingly peaceful cover!
Oh and there is some romance! I wouldn't put it in the romance category at all, but I think this book had a good balance that both men and women can enjoy. If your looking for something different then I think this one would be worth a try.

Book Summary:
(from Amazon)
When several people are brutally killed in the town of Placerton, on the isolated Oregon coast, most locals think a rogue bear or cougar is roaming the forested hills near town. Police Chief Dan Connor is not so sure. He has witnessed some very strange things lately, such as disembodied voices, muttering a strange foreign language and an old Indian man who seems to be near every crime scene, but disappears before he can be questioned.
Dan's investigation takes him to the local Sihketunnai Indians and their legend of the Ni'il, magical shamans charged with maintaining the balance between humans and the natural world. According to the elders, one of the Ni'il is responsible for the murders and intends to kill everyone in the community. It is Dan's job to stop it.
It sounded unbelievable, but was the only explanation that fit the facts. As a violent Pacific storm crashes ashore, cutting off power and washing out roads-cutting the town off from the outside world--Dan finds himself entering a strange world of myth and magic that was not covered in his police training. He must use all his wits and new-found powers to save himself and his community from the Ni'il.

About The Author:
James has published both poetry and short fiction and is an organizer for the South Coast (Oregon) Writer's Conference. This is his first novel. A student of Native culture, he used this background to create the ni'il. He lives in Gold Beach, Oregon, with a pacifist black lab named Mikey.

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  1. So glad to see that you at least semi-enjoyed this one. I read it a while back and really liked it (there's a sequel too!). For some reason stories that blend Indian cultural beliefs tend to draw my attention (hmm, something to ponder)....thanks for sharing your thoughts! Happy reading!