Monday, May 31, 2010

A Peek into my Wishlist: Barely skimming the surface...

Here is Just a TINY peek into my wishlist:

I don't know about you but I have a super LONG wishlist!
Are any of these on your list or have you read any of the ones that are already out?


  1. I have 8 of those on my wishlist. I have read Glimmerglass and definitely recommend it. The Twilight graphic novel was pretty cool too. I hadn't read Twilight it a long time so it was fun to revisit the story.

  2. I'm doing pretty well on your wishlist. I have read The Iron Daughter (from NetGalley), The Body Finder, Mistwood (I won an ARC), Twilight the Graphic Novel, and Love in the Time of Dragons. I have Infinity and Glimmerglass on my TBR stack already. I have pre-ordered Linger and I'm really tempted to order Insatiable. Happy reading!

  3. I've read Mistwood, and I'd love to read The Body Finder and The Iron Daughter! I haven't read Shiver yet, so I can't say I want to read Linger... but I've been hearing mixed things about Shiver!

  4. GREAT wish list! I am so impressed with Sherrilyn doing the YA with Nick. WAY TO GO to draw in the future Dark-Hunter readers!

    All I am wanting Lisa Renee Jones' latest as well, and Jennifer Haymore's latest.