Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Movie Thoughts: Avatar by James Cameron (What did you think?)

I know you've never seen a movie review on here before (which you might see once in a while) but I finally got to watch this one last night and was totally blown away!

The animation was fantastic and the story was fantastic. The world that was created in this one was literally just beautiful! It's not often that a movie will make me feel so emotional over a thing like the setting; but I was so impressed with the imagination and no doubt the work that went into creating the world of Pandora.

At the same time I spent most of the movie mad and sad...whay's that you ask? Well, because this whole movie had an underlying message of environmental awareness.

I was so mad because what I saw was so true that it made me emotional. We, as humans, have really messed up our world in so many ways. In this movie, humans find this beautiful place called Pandora and commence to totally screw it up and ruin it. It made me so so sad. It made me sad because it was the truth and it's what would happen if we were ever to find another beautiful world.

Don't get me wrong...I love all my ease and things that I'm sure don't help out the environment but I think personally, that it's time for a bigger change from my family. I'm not sure how that will be yet, but that's the effect that this movie had on me.

In My Opinion, it was a truly touching and beautiful movie. If you haven't watched it yet then you should watch it tonight.

The Website:

If you've seen it before what did you think?


  1. I have been meaning to watch this movie and and even more interested after your review. I must admit, I didn't expect your reaction! But I am glad it had this effect on someone. I was expecting the spectacular scene part, the awe over the creation, but not the amazing environmentalist part of you to come out. You have moved me to watch it, and I just might pay for it on demand because of your post. Thanks!


  2. Honestly I wasn't that impressed with it. It was a okay movie and had some cool effects but just wasn't my thing.

  3. Michelle I really loved it...don't know why it affected me so deeply but it did.

    ladystorm I'm sorry to hear you didn't like it... But, that's how things go. :)

  4. Totally in agreement! This was a movie that I vehemently did not want to see. Why? Not into the REALLY sci-fi with strange creatures bit that much...add the computer animation to it and yeah, it's like adding milk to tea (which I'm told doesn't taste that good...if you like it, no insult intended). Finally went to see it when it moved to the see-it-before-it-leaves-theaters theater and WOW, what a story. It's truly the story that got to me and even I posted about it in my Arbor Day post over at my site. Something to think about for certain, but also something to find a way to act on to ensure a brighter future for all. Great post!

  5. I agree with you totally. I loved this movie and it really made me feel bad about the environment.

  6. I enjoyed the movie for the sfx and for the beautiful cinematography, but the story was nothing new. Earthlings exploiting native culture and lands to dig out the goods and go home, leaving the land and people devastated. Earthlings who are supposed to infiltrate the natives go native. Like I said, nothing new here.

    With its obvious bow to the South American rain forests and the indigenous cultures and their belief that the rain forest is a living being, Cameron merely added shiny sfx and alien creatures, snazzy tech and beautiful panoramic views to state the obvious. That is not to say that the movie wasn't a thrill ride; it was. The characters were engaging and the flora and fauna out of this world, but there was no doubt about the outcome or what the earthlings gone native would choose to do. C+ for effort and for beauty, but C- for the story line and plot for being far too predictable.

  7. Hey GMR and Aubrie! *waves* I'm glad to see that we agree. :)

    J.M. I can see your points there. I know that the storyline isn't new BUT this is the first time I've actually been affected this much by it. and...I don't watch a whole lot of sci-fi movies because I find they tend to be a bit on the shoot em up side, now Avatar had the fighting but maybe it was the flora and fauna that made it bearable for me LOL! Thanks for stopping in ...I like to see different opinions. :)