Sunday, May 9, 2010

Just a Quick post to say Happy Mother's Day! Don't forget to enter these giveaways!

Happy Mother's Day to everyone and I hope you have a wonderful day! I know mine has been great so far and I'll be posting why tommorrow!
I have several giveaways coming to an end so I just wanted to remind everyone to enter!
(I also have several NEW ones to post next week!)
Forget Me Not Ends May 1oth
Guest House Ends May 15th
Forbidden Passion Ends May 30th
The Second Coming Ends May 12th (10 ebooks!!!!!!)

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  1. I hope your Mother's Day was a special one! Mine was good. My daughter's bday is today, so she had her party and sleepover with 5 girls on Sat. night. The girls left around 11 on Sun. morning, so I got to feel like an extra mommy for a while, lol!