Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Guest Post/Promo/ Giveaway! David H. Burton "The Second Coming"

Today we have a very cool guest here: Author David Burton, who will be telling us about his book, writing dark fantasy, and offering up a giveaway!

I asked David about writing Dark Fantasy: what does that encompass and what made you decide to go that direction with your story?'s what he had to say:
My interest in dark fantasy has been fairly gradual in the making. I've always read lighter fantasy with elves, dwarves, etc. Not that you can't get dark fantasy with those elements in it, but I was reading the lighter stuff for years - works like Tolkien, Brooks, Weis&Hickman, etc.

Underlying that though was an interest in horror - like Stephen King, whom I read a lot of as a teenager. I loved his earlier stuff and it had a huge impact on me.

When I began to write fantasy myself, it started out as the light, fluffy stuff mimicking what others had done and using the dichotomy of good vs evil. It was okay, but I wasn't happy with it and I think it was limiting my growth. Then I read George R.R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire series (it's not finished by the way - hurry up and write George!!).

It was gritty and jarring. He killed off my favourite character (Ned Stark). He was dead. No coming back. I was wounded.

And then I realized that I could defy convention and try something different with my own writing. I could do whatever I wanted. I hate to say it was an "Aha!" moment, but it really was.

So I set about writing something where the lines of good vs evil were blurred; where the characters were flawed, sometimes seriously; and where I let the reader's imagination dream up some of the horrors. Because, quite frankly, no one can scare us more than our own selves. So for me, dark fantasy is something that let's my own imagination frighten me. And I wanted to take that path completely with this series.

It's been a very exciting journey and this book has a mix of fantasy/horror/paranormal elements. It’s a little difficult to place it neatly in a defined genre, but I think it gives it a more global appeal that way. And you'd be amazed at how many non-fantasy readers are loving it. Who’d of thought there were so many fans of darker fiction. :)
Here's some info about the book:
Five hundred years have passed since the Earth shifted on its axis - a catastrophic event that wiped out civilization and released the powers of the dead back to Earth. With technology long abandoned, a dark age has shrouded our world once more. Travel to a future of blood sacrifice, demons, witchcraft, and an immoral God that has returned to reclaim his former dominion.

"Beautifully written, dark and eerie vision of an apocalyptic future."
- Margaret Weis, New York Times Bestselling Author

"David H. Burton is a dark new talent in the genre. This one will make you leave the lights on for a week!"
- USA Today Bestseller, Cathy Clamp
About The Author:
David H. Burton was born in Windsor, Ontario to an agnostic mother that instilled in him the love of the written word and a Jehovah Witness father that taught him to question everything around him, including his own religious indoctrination. He graduated from the University of Toronto with a major in Biology and a minor in Classical Civilization. He also dabbled in Computer Science, to which he owes his current occupation in the Telecommunications world at one of the large banks in Canada. He lives with his same-sex partner near Toronto with their three adopted boys and an old basset hound that keeps them all in check.
Here's the Giveaway:
David's offering up 5 ebooks of The Second Coming
If you'd like to be entered please leave a comment or question for David.
-please leave your email addy
-open to everyone
-Ends May 12th
-if you would like an extra entry you can tweet this giveaway or follow David's blog at:


  1. Oh, please, I would love a free copy of David's ebook! Email addy: BCseawalker (at) gmail (dot) com.

  2. Sounds like a very interesting book and I would be happy to win a copy.
    Also agree that GRRM should hurry and finish the next book.

  3. I enjoy books that disturb religious fanatics, so this sounds like a book for me. :)
    Please enter me in the drawing.

  4. Seriously karen I had to laugh @ that honest. :)

  5. Having worked with Margaret Weis, her quote intrigues me. How did you get her to review your book? I know how busy she is. Btw, I'd love to be entered into the contest. :)

  6. Margaret's wonderful!! We have the same agent. :)

  7. Sounds interesting, sign me up,

  8. How did you pick the cover? I'd really enjoy reading this book. Thanks for the chance.

  9. Actually I designed it myself. :) The image of the monk I licensed from artist, Sven Rabe (, the rest I did myself. Same goes for the book trailer:

  10. This book has been on my radar for several months now. I look forward to giving it a try!

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  11. I would be very interested in reading his book.
    I am a follower.

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  12. This is great! Lots of entries! I may have to bump it up to 10 free ebooks!! :)

    What do you think, Kris?

  13. I definitely want in on this one! Thanks!

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  14. Thanks for stopping by everyone!

    Well David, I don't think anybody would complain if there chances were upped!

    I'll be starting this one soon so I'd love to know what everyone else thinks about it!

  15. Excellent!! 10 it is then!!

    If anyone is interested in chatting about the book in June/July, there's a group discussion happening at Goodreads.

    Here's the link for the group:

  16. This book sounds very interesting , I would love to enter.

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  18. I'm interested in receiving this book. I really would like to know what it's all about. Please enter me. Thanks. I've been following you for a while now.

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