Saturday, May 29, 2010

Book Feature! Siren's Call by Devyn Quinn

Seriously, is that not an awesome cover!? I would totally hang something like that in my bedroom!
But besides that the book itself sounds awesome. I look forward to reading it because I really enjoyed Devyn's book Soul Of The Wildcat.

About The Book:
(from Devyn's website)
Between desire and love there are some things that can’t stay buried, even in the deep of the ocean.
As a woman with a secret, lighthouse keeper Tessa Lonike savors her solitude on the island of Little Mer, off the coast of Maine. During a violent storm, Tessa spots a man thrashing in the ice cold waters and dives in to save him, using her ability as a mermaid to easily pull him to shore.
When Kenneth Randall awakens on the beach he is alone, left with the haunting memory of his beautiful, flame-haired savior. But a year later, when Kenneth meets her again, he’s determined not to let Tessa slip away. Just as the desire between them begins to burn, Tessa’s archaeologist ex-lover comes back to town with a tantalizing clue to her murky heritage.
The trio travel to the Mediterranean in search of answers, and when Tessa inadvertently opens an underwater portal they find a lost mermaid city. But in the deep, not everything is as it seems, and Tessa must decide if she wants to take her place as the royal heir, or follow the call of her heart…
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  2. Ooooooooooooo mermaid. I like mermaid tales.

  3. Wow, gorgeous use of colors on the cover, I love it. :D And yay for more mermaid books! I love finding more of them~

  4. I love mermaid "tales". ;) This one really sounds like something I'd love to read!

  5. I like the mermaid ones myself, so I'm looking forward to it.

    Thanks for stopping in everyone!