Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Small and Important Favor to Ask...

One of the awesome followers here pointed out to me that my blog button was going to another review site. (I'm figuring I know how that happened)

But if you could do me a favor I'd appreciate it! I think the button should be fixed now so if you already have it on your blog would you mind changing it?

Would some one please test it for me and make sure that if it's on your blog it leads back to this one? I'd REALLY appreciate it!

Oh, and if you don't have my button yet and want to grab it, then feel free and THANK YOU!


  1. I Tested it out, placed it on my new blog just to see... Anya's Room and it is working just fine.
    - PJ

  2. You do have some breaks in there that you might want to take out...it does funny things to the links...

    The ones that look like this br /

    I can't put in the < because of the HTML. But there are two those breaks and the put space above your image and was a little frustrating when I placed it because there was all this room from the top of your button. Does this help?

  3. I tried it yesterday and it's working awesome.

    Note: If the button is too big for any of your followers they can adjust the height by changing the height="200" to height="125"

  4. Eeek..so frustrating since I don't know how to do this stuff, Thanks for the help. Think I should just change the height to 125?

  5. I just had to change mine now it is coming to this site


  6. Sure! Why not! Smaller never hurts. I hate when people have huge buttons.

    I feel ya on frustrating. I've taught my self all this stuff too.