Friday, April 23, 2010

Review: Rock Stars by David Grant

About Rock Stars:

Rock Stars is a look back and forward with the glam metal singers from the eighties. Accompanied by illustrations of each singer, Rock Stars takes a tongue and cheek look at both the careers and music created during this time.
Twenty-eight mini-profiles detailing strengths, weaknesses, and X factors ranging from Kip Winger’s hair, David Lee Roth’s use of the microphone, to Bret Michaels reality series comeback. Think Behind The Music on cocaine.

My Thoughts:

I Wanna Rock!....after reading this book!

It's a definite walk down memory lane for the early MTV; rock concert generation.

Although I really enjoyed the history, trivia, and flashbacks given to me, I would recommend this one for the guy who has everything!

This would make a great gift: Who doesn't want to recapture their youth or for the music lovers to read up on legendary artists and their work.

I want to blow out my hair, put on spandex (which I can say in all honesty is a BAD idea...), slap on too much makeup, and go listen to some Poison!

Rock On!

About The Author:

David S. Grant was born in West Allis, WI. He is the author of Corporate Porn, BleachBlackout, The Last Breakfast, Happy Hour, Hollywood Ending, and the short story collection Emotionless Souls. David lives and works in New York City where he continues to bang his head to the glam gods of the eighties.

You can find David online at and the book’s website at

**review copy provided by the author

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  1. Thanks for the great review of David's book. I enjoyed it too. David has a wonderful sense of humor that really shines through in this one.

    Readers can follow David's tour all month long by visiting

    Thanks again.