Monday, April 26, 2010

Review: My Own Personal Soap Opera by Libby Malin (arc)

Product ISBN: 9781402229428

Price: $13.99

Publication Date: April 2010
About The Book:
Is life stranger than fiction, or vice versa?Frankie McNally has found the perfect solution for life’s perplexing problems: as head writer for the daytime soap Lust for Life, she works them out on the air!

Meanwhile, Frankie’s being courted simultaneously by the dashing older man sent in to save the show’s sagging ratings and by the soap’s totally hot leading man. And just when Frankie thinks the plot couldn’t get more complicated, a jewel thief starts copying the show’s storyline-a development that could send the show’s ratings soaring, if it doesn’t get Frankie arrested first...

In her signature blending of the hilarious with the poignant, Libby Malin’s latest light-hearted novel combines the best of life and of fiction into an entertaining and incredibly satisfying read.
My Thoughts:
This one was a fun and enjoyable read. I liked the main character Frankie; she was a "power woman" in her business.
I grew up watching the "soaps" with my granny (as I'm sure a lot of us were forced to watch LOL) and I always thought they were scandolous. Reading about the inside world of the soap operas was entertaining.
It seems to me like there were a few points in the story that were left open? Maybe for the reader to form their own conclusions?
What I did really enjoy was Libby's humorous writing style. While I enjoyed the story itself; I think I enjoyed Malin's writing better.
Overall, I thought it was a good read...probably something that soap opera fans will enjoy.
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