Saturday, April 10, 2010

The one and only soapbox you'll get from me...

Okay peeps...I'm usually not one to state a whole lot of opinions but I just have a few things to say on the book blogging world.
I've been blogging since November and still consider myself a "baby" blog. Yes, I have over 300 followers but it's taken a whole lot of work to get there.
I've been seeing so many post's about "issues" in the blogging world that I feel like I must personally state my opinions. They don't count for diddly squat and I realize that, but it'll honestly make me feel better.
I'll probably hit on a few topics that have already been beat with a stick but I promise to keep the opinions short! Hopefully I won't lose any followers; I don't think I have anything truly offensive to please no tomato throwing.
*grabbing my bullhorn*
*stepping on to my box*
- Do I actually care how many followers I have?
Sure I do! I'd be lying to you if I said I didn't! A lot of bloggers say that it doesn't matter and maybe some don't care but I think majority of us DO care. Blogging is a TON of work...We want to know that people are actually READING all of our work. So yes, I know my stats, I like to see them go up, and I won't sit here and tell you that I don't.
-Do I care that some only follow for contests?
Not really...a shocker, I know! I don't see the problem with people following just because I host a lot of giveaways. That's OK with me because when I have giveaways I only have about 30- 40 enter...that means that the other 200 something that didn't enter might just be here for content. Now I see nothing wrong with the contests....I enter them! I love them and yep, I win some books!
-Do I wish I had more comments?
Sure! But maybe I had nothing compelling to say on that post. Maybe the readers are busy...I don't post on every blog I follow...I don't have time and neither do others. Life is busy and I'm grateful for every comment I get. It's goes back to knowing that someone is reading my work.
-Mailbox Posts?
I realize that some people don't like these and some people do. I enjoy them. I certainly don't see them as bragging. Granted, I think I get a lot of books to review, some get WAY more than me, but when I first started my blog I didn't know that you could receive books for FREE to review! I've always thought that these posts were fun...I love to see what others got and what they'll be reading. Do I get blogger envy sometime because of these posts? ABSOLUTELY! But I'll continue to participate because I like them. That blogger envy pushes me to work a little harder on my own blog.
-What do I think of Affiliates?
Nothing really...when affiliates started up, of course I wanted to be on that train! I did apply...yep...I'm putting that bit out there! But I was denied by an awesome blogger who has followed me from the very beginning of this blog. That was okay! I appreciated her honesty with me and I still think she has an awesome blog. In the end, I'm happy not to have to post anything I don't want because once again...blogging is a lot of work! So nope, I really don't mind either way if blogs have affiliates. My feelings aren't hurt because well...I was not a popular kid in school and always went along with my own beat.
-Do I have an opinion on Bad Blogger Behavior?
I think there are some bad ones out there. Simple as that, I don't think I committed any major taboos since I've started blogging and If I did...well, I was new and hope no one holds it against me. I've unfollowed already because I was appalled by a bad blogger but that's the end of it. I can't say..."oh god, I hope that so and so doesn't ruin blogging fro everyone!" That would be silly. I am almost POSITIVE that publishers and authors know who the bad eggs are and just won't work with those people. The blogging world is a big one and I think everyone will figure out the offenders when the time comes.
I've had a blogger plagiarize a review....not much I could do except point it out to the right people. I'm sure it has happened to many a blogger before me. There are always a few bad eggs no matter what you do. *shrug*
-Do you want to know what I think of negative reviews?
That answer is in my reviewing policy if you really want to know. If you look at it though, you will see that I probably won't post negative reviews. If someone thinks that makes me a terrible blogger than that's OK. They have enough other blogs out there to say bad things about books. That's not how I roll...I've been a very positive person my whole life and choose to look at all glasses half full.
-Are you in it for the free books?
Never knew I could get 'em for free! I started blogging because I wanted to talk about books. I'd be lying if I said they weren't an awesome perk. But again, blogging is a lot of work, so I don't think they should be considered all that "free."
I'm totally honored when an author contacts me to review their book. Let's face it, there are HUNDREDS of other bloggers they could have asked. *shrug again* It makes me feel special.
-Have you asked authors or publishers for free stuff?
*gasp* I have! For my 250 followers giveaway I sent out one email to my contacts. If they wanted to reply the could and if they didn't, well that was OK too. I didn't get mad or angry. It's not a big deal...Majority of the giveaway books are provided by my pocket but I am totally grateful for those who gave to me. (by their own pestering involved) I would say that I had a decent enough "working" relationship with these people to ask. I wouldn't contact an author if I didn't "know" them. Authors don't get copies like pubs do.
Now I am done spewing my thoughts for (and I know I didn't touch on nearly everything) I hope that you won't throw tomatoes at me. It's off my chest and I won't talk about it anymore.
Please note that this a collective post based on MANY different blog posts I've read lately. it's not directed at any ONE person, so please no one think I'm talking about you. I don't like to offend anyone so that's not the purpose of this at all!
*puts down bullhorn*
*steps off soapbox*
*runs before the rotten tomatoes start flying*


  1. I actually stopped by to pass on a couple of awards, but I totally agree!

  2. This is a worthwhile soapbox. I give all the kudos to the bloggers, it's a true labor of love. I started reading blogs because I loved reading romances and found like-minded people to chat with. I never even knew there were giveaways all these years. I could've saved alot of loot!

    Thanks for blogging, Cajun Book Lady, you are an asset :-)

  3. Very well said! I agree with everything :)

  4. Thanks for stopping by! I'm always glad to see like minded people! (and I even like to see the not-like minded ones too!)

  5. Love the post! I started my blog in November, too, but I have nowhere near the same number of followers.

  6. Great post! I agree with every point you made. My own blog is just a month old, and I'm having great fun doing it. I know I have a lot to learn, but I do want to keep it casual & positive. I'm looking forward to the day when my mailbox is full of books to review!

  7. Well said! You stated everything I wanted to say! I feel the same way! I don't post a lot of comments, and simply it is because I am very busy! I can post up to 5 or 6 posts a day plus reading! But I do visit almost every blog I follow everyday! I do read your blog and yes blogging is alot of work!

    Applause for you for saying exactly how I feel as well!

  8. @jacobsbeloved Well I follow you now from the blogger hop and that's really the key....getting your blog out there as much as possible.

    @Diana I think casual and positive is the way to go!

    @Amy I've followed you blog since probably I started reading them and I visit almost every post you make. Like it was said though...we don't always have time to comment.

  9. Awesome post! I think your words covered exactly how the rest of us feel! You can get back on your soapbox anytime, because we are all cheering for you!

  10. Great post. I am a new blogger and sincerely hope that I haven't offended anyone in my posts. If I have, I've done it unknowingly. Blogging has proven to be a lot of work, but it has also driven me to read more, diversify in the types of books that I read, and really think about the books. I also try to comment, but sometimes there just isn't any time or anything to say. I really enjoy your blog.

  11. An awesome post! I agree with your opinions and thoughts and they are very well said!!!

  12. I don't think you have any reason to hide from tomatoes!! This was a great post, and everything was very well said!
    I can appreciate how hard people work on their blogs. I attempted it, but honestly couldn't really do it. I just don't have the time to dedicate to it right now, so when I find a blog like yours, I really do appreciate your work. Maybe I should comment more frequently, but I hesitate because I figure saying great review, great post etc.....can get a little repetitive, and annoying??

  13. Great, great post! Now, my friend, take a bow. You deserve to :)

  14. @ Janet Thank you for the cheering! *does a rocky dance*

    @ Teresa...thank you for enjoying my blog, It's very hard when you're first starting out. I agree that my reading has also become more diverse through blogging.

    @ Steph Thank You!

    @ Marilu Thank you for thinking that this is a worthy blog! It's things like that, that keep me going. I realize that comments can get redundant and a lot of times that's why I don't post either. You can only say great review so many times

    @ tweezle thank you *bows*

  15. Awesome comments and commenters. You really got everyone's attention with this post.

  16. You go girl!
    What prompted this post?

    Fun layout change.
    Thanks for adding my button!

  17. Great post! I'm a reader not a blogger. I don't comment on a lot of posts because I don't have a lot of time to spend on the computer. I read most everything that the blogs I follow write. I have found some really good authors that way. Keep on doing what you're doing. I LOVE your blog..

  18. Love the new look, Kris.

    Great post. Blogging is a lot like anything else--if you apply common sense, it works. It sure sounds like you have a lot of common sense.

    Keep up the great work!


  19. Thanks so much for this. I am a new blogger, not quite two months into it. I also work hard and haven't built up my following yet. I have 22 followers that I am very grateful to. Like you I started this because I wanted to talk about books, and yes, I also receive many free books for review. I had received a few through Barnes and Nobles First Look Club, and the Early Reviewers at Librarything. Since being here I have found many more resources. It is a privilege to meet fellow bloggers who are willing to share their experience, comments, and advice.

  20. i admit im abad blogger mainly because im soo soo slow at posting reviews but isnt because i am slacking lol and id ont post reviews for anything free I like to post reviews because well I love books I read ur posts i just dont comment alot because well i dont have a whole lot of time if its something to totally cmplell me i will so respond and post

  21. Well said! Apparently I've missed all the hubub which is fine with me!

  22. I think you raise some good points, including the fact the book blogging is hard work. From a publicist's perspective, Mailbox Monday is a great feature, the publishers and authors really appreciate the extra plug!

  23. @ Dorothy, Rebecca, and Cheryl Thanks for stopping in! And thanks Cheryl for saying that I have common family would thoroughly dispute that statment! LOL

    @ juju lot's of posts going on about this stuff recently...I say "Can't we all just get along?"

    @ Martha...thank you for loving my blog!

    @ Deb....thanks for stopping by and much luck to you woth the new just takes time...remember that!

    @ Patti wish I would have missed it LOL

    @ Paula I'm glad to see that you like the mailboxes from a publicist point. I feel like it's extra advertising too!