Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Bookshelves: a sharing post...

Amy at My Overstuffed Bookshelf did a post like this yesterday and I loved it so I decided to do one today. You can see Amy's bookshelves here:
I've only been blogging about 6 months now so I'd say that 97% of what you see here was bought by me at one point or another, Either at the store, or from Library sales, some have been gifts from family and friends and some have been won in contests. So yes, I have a ton of books but I love to read and support authors.
They aren't perfectly in order but I know where everything is LOL!
All my current books to review are in the cabinet under this case and then when I'm done with them they are either passed on or added to my collection.

This pic is pretty close to the next one but that one didn't show all my para YA books on the top shelf so I included this one.

OK top row here is horror/thriller and adult paranormal/urban fantasy. The 2nd row is more adult paranormal/urban fantasy. The third row is non-fiction, horror, and a few books that my husband has "claimed." (He loves audiobooks so that's what he has the most of.) The bottom is more paranormal romance type books.

Here we have: On the topshelf in the baskets are audiobooks. Of course you can see my Twilight stuff...Next to that is general fiction books (or that's what I call them) The next row is also what I call my general fiction. (I know I'm so technical, right?) The ones in the bookends are my autographed books. Then there are more paranormal romances next to that.

OK the top shelf has some of my YA(all "paranormal"), and the next shelf has more YA and MG books.
Next to the old radio ( which we have for audiobooks on tape) are some YA and anthologies.

These are all Paranormal/Paranormal Romance on top of our fishtank, as I ran out of room on the shelves
Here is the overall view of the entertainment center/bookshelf (or the best I could get LOL)

So those are my books.....I'll have to do a post with my kids' books one day. They love books also!
Have you done a post like this or do you have pictures to share? I'd love to see them!


  1. Love it! You're very organized. I love looking at bookshelves. I'll have to post mine on my blog too!

  2. So pretty! Look at all those great reads! I had to grab a pen and paper so I could write down a few of them I don't own! LOL I love looking at bookshelves. I see our taste in books are alike!
    Love the post!

  3. Impressive! Organized! Lovely! You go girl! Are these books you've read and TBR?

  4. @ Diana I went check out your bookshelves and I love em!

    @ Amy Yep we do have a lot of the same...which one did ya write down?

    @ Juju *eh* not that organized LOL...Amy's are in alphabetical order! Most are read and some are's a mix. :)

  5. I wrote down Fangland, Radiant Darkness and Listening at the Gate.

    It took me all day to get them in alphabetical order! I was so sore the next day!

  6. Wonderful bookshelf! So neat and organized that it puts mine to shame. I'm looking forward to seeing my book on your shelf! You should have it soon, if not already.

  7. P.S. I love the Edward doll!

  8. Hey Lee! I actually got it today! Woooohooo! I can't wait to start reading it!

    and thank you for liking my Edward doll LOL Hubby says he is just creepy!

  9. Great shelves! I'm so jealous! I would love to have shelves like those! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Nice shelves - very organized and you're so nice to give your husband a shelf! I have an Edward doll too standing guard over my TBR pile, LOL!

  11. Nice shelves, my books are in various piles ... lol

  12. Roughly how many books do you have altogether? I used to have over 400 at one time but there just wasn't enough room so nowadays I keep my levels between 150-200 and anything beyond that gets donated to the local charity store. It gets difficult though deciding what needs to go when I want to keep them all.