Monday, March 15, 2010

Review: Invasion of The Dreamcatchers by E. Hunt Reville

About the Book:
Meet Crimson, Jake, Chloe, Alex, Mai, and Leroy, six extraordinary students from Pemrock Pool Paranormal Boarding College. They have already seen much in their lives and suffered untold tragedies. These six teenagers have found a close-knit family at the school. Together they are about to face their most mind-bending adventure yet.

Along with their teacher, Mrs. Blackwood, they will take an exciting and treacherous journey into the spirit world. Their trip begins on the mystery night train, which will take them into a frozen world of snow and ice and where all kinds of strange and ghoulish things await. Their guide is the spooky Nathan Soleman. Meeting ghosts, battling the evil dreamcatchers, and feeling the rescuing touch of angels are just a few of the wild adventures they will have to survive if they want to return to school alive. But once they return, will the nightmare be over? Or will their dream become reality?

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My Review:
Let me start off by saying that I don't write negative reviews on this blog...I feel like just because I don't like a book doesn't mean someone else won't love it. Maybe I just wasn't the right audience for that particular story.
Now that I've said that let me give you my review.
I think that this book has great potential to be enjoyed by someone else, but I for one, could not get into the story. I stopped at page 32 because there was just too much...everything... I think that (for me) there was too much underlying symbolism that I didn't get. Also, the author is from the UK so I THINK that maybe this played a part in my not understanding everything. (wording be different, terminology, etc) I will say this...I think that the premise of the story is really good and I think this one might be a good read for someone else. For me it was a DNF. (Did Not Finish)
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  1. This is why I don't do reviews--I don't want to be negative, either.
    Good for you for putting it down. That's hard to do.

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  2. Excellent and honest review. No one can love everything, otherwise this would be an incredibly boring world. I love the cover on this one and the storyline sounds like an interesting one.

  3. Too much symbolism and poetic text. I got the feeling that The writer was trying too hard. Less is more, but I'm sure there are readers out there who will enjoy.