Friday, March 5, 2010

Review and Giveaway: At Home with Laurie Ann

About the Book:
(taken from Laurie's Site)
These days few can afford to hire an interior decorator. No need. This book and an open mind are the only requirements to give your home the professional, yet melt-into-a-sofa look and feel you’ve always wanted. Starting with the basics, At Home With Laurie Ann cracks the code to creating the home of your dreams on the budget you have. The instructions are simple and straightforward, and the look is cozy and comfortable. It’s practical because Laurie starts with what you already have, moves a piece of furniture here, makes a substitution there, adds unexpected color and tops it off with inexpensive (but expensive-looking) purchases. The result is a thrifty transformation!

My Review:
Let's call this one inspirational! I loved it and took my time absorbing all the wonderful decorating advice and gorgeous photos!
I'm not big on a whole lot of decorating books because most are not realistic. Laurie Ann did a great job with this one because it explains that yes, you can have a house like this without spending a fortune.
The design tips were wonderful and I loved the money saving hints that give you the same look without breaking your budget. The photographs were gorgeous! They are real eye candy when it comes to home decor. They usually showed you that while it may LOOK complicated; you can piece it together easily.
Like I said at the beginning, inspirational, I actually went on a bit of a decorating rampage while reading it LOL! And I'll say that I'm very pleased with the results. If you're looking for a good book to help refresh the look of your home then I suggest you check this one out.
Visit Laurie Ann's site here where you can check out excerpts and sample pages:
And now for the giveaway! This is a fun giveaway too! Not only can you win a copy of the book, but with it you'll receive Candles and a cross! If you'd like to be entered to win then leave a comment telling me your favorite decorating tip or you biggest decorating disaster! (and your email so I can reach you)
-open to US residents only
-contest ends March 20th
**I received from AME in exchange for an honest review.
I'd love to know since I have so many myself LOL!


  1. My favorite tip is to not be afraid of painting the walls with color. Too many people just use white and it's so boring.

  2. I'm on a fixed income so I don't have a lot of money for decorating. I use material as swags over my curtains to jazz them up. I like to place different size candles all around the room and I'm a postcard collector with a special collection of lighthouse ones that I like to frame and place around the apartment. I find candles and frames on sale and I can paint some of the frames if I need to. It's not much, but I like to think it adds a little bit to the decor.

    seriousreader at live dot com

  3. I like to get items at garage sales for decorating my home. I find picture frames, candles, artwork, clocks, flower arrangements, and many other things, and they are very affordable.

  4. My stage of life we are throwing stuff away to get a lean look, not getting new stuff... ;-)

    Bill ;-)

    billsmith2003 (at) gmail (dot) com

    Hope you'll check out my book giveaway:

  5. please enter me into the drawing for this great book,

    I have your button on my blog


  6. decorating? Heck, I'm proud of myself when I pick up stuff off the floor. (evil grin)

    anamchara (at)

  7. decorating tip keep it simple so upkeep will be easier

  8. My tip would also be to keep it simple. Right now I have WAY TOO MUCH stuff sitting around and on my walls. It is starting to look cluttered and now I'm trying to gradually weed out what I don't need!

  9. Not much of a decorator at all!! I guess my best tip would be on curtains. For years, I could n't afford to buy ready made curtains. So I would find inexpensive sheets I like and would make them into curtains!! Works really well on large (like patio doors) windows.
    So you see I really need this book!!

    mlawson17 at hotmail dot com

  10. I buy inexpencive candle sandnicknacksto decorate and i print off pretty pictures to frame as well as use the frilly shower curatins for door ways thathaveno door or window its in expencive and it looks pretty

  11. My biggest decorating disaster was trying to create an ocean theme for my bedroom - the blue paint I used looked more neon than aquatic!


  12. I really want this book bad. My main problem is that I can't come up with the ideas. If I see a photo or get handed some decorating ideas, I can go with that; but to come up with my own, it's usually not a pretty thing.

    As for decorating tips, the only thing I can tell you that works is to have different throw pillows for your couch for the seasons. I have one set for spring and summer and another for fall and winter. It helps to give the room a new look for very little money.

    Thanks for the chance to win.


  13. I'm a decorating disaster, it looks ok when done but I manage to destroy things along the way. I have been know to have to hand a larger picture than planned to hide all the nail holes made trying to hang the smaller ones.

    Ziggywag at

  14. Ok so I had to LOL at some of these comments!

    @misusedinnocence...I'm a color on the walls type of gal myself (2 kids does not agree with white anything!)

    @Linda...I often paint frames myself (I like to change look alot)

    @Amanda...I LOVE garage sales and flea markets! (I love to refurbish stuff!)

    @Bill...LOL I throw out alot of stuff!

    @BJ...I have those days myself

    @demi and rubyandreba...Keeping it simple is good! wouldn't believe the amount of "sheet" curtains I've had over the years! Sooo much cheaper than buying actual curtains!

    @SiNn...I don't think you can go wrong decorating with candles...

    @Tribute...LOL! Well I tried to paint our romm a deep red ended up looking more like a crime scene instead of the "cozy" look I was going for.

    @Cheryl...I'm the same way! I can't come up with the ideas but I can recreate them...weird stuff there!

    @Terri...I am a destroyer too!~

  15. I am a terrible interior decorator! Terrible! I just remodeled my house and boy do I need help putting up a simple wall display. COUNT ME IN PLEASE!!
    I am a follower


  16. I don't spend much on decorating. Slipcovers on furniture can give a room a whole new look. I like to move furniture around and a painting is an inexpensive way to make a change.
    mittens0831 at aol dot com


    Please enter me in the giveaway.

    One decorating tip, use 'sticky tack' adhesive on walls, doesn't take off the paint and comes off easily.

  18. I'm entering this b/c I still may have time (not sure if it ends today or Sat as dates conflict). Anyway, my decorating disaster is having light carpet with two indoor dogs & three cats -- big mistake! Can't wait to replace my icky carpet.


  19. Go ahead and try a glaze over your paint. It's easy and gives the walls a textured look (plus it made my peach wall look Mediterranean).

    dlodden at frontiernet dot net

  20. Ever since I read about laurie I have been dying to go down to her store in Point Loma. I love country shabby chic and could use a few pointers. help me........