Saturday, March 27, 2010

Friends of The Library Booksales...Do you go?

Our library has a "Friends Of The Library" book sale. They have an area set up where all the donated books are kept and you can go "shopping." I visit every few weeks and I ALWAYS find some great books. I was in there on Friday and I had to share the great books I found!

I'm not sure if you can see everything in the picture so I'll list them for you:
(these are the "paranormals")
Laurell K Hamilton:
The Harlequin
Cerulean sins
Obsidian Butterfly
Stroke Of Midnight
Seduced by Moonlight
Jane's Warlord by Angela Knight
So Still The Night by Kim Lenox
An Enchanted Season (anthology)
Blood and Gold by Anne Rice
(Other Books)
The Secret Garden
The Convict
The Hobbit
The Horse Whisperer
Seducing Simon
Now let me say that I support authors and buy new every chance that I can, but like most people we don't have a whole lot to spend on "extras." I enjoy visiting the book sale and feel like at least I'm giving to the library.
But, do you know how much I paid for all these books? That's the exciting part! I only paid $4.00 for all of them!
If you've never checked out your library's book sale, well then you should!


  1. Yes, I ALWAYS support my local library sale! The money goes towards a good cause - so the library can purchase new books and supplies.

  2. You got some good titles1 Whenever my library has a book sale I try to go. My library is in the middle of expanding they almost got all the money they need. I live in a small town... so that is pretty exciting. A bigger library! :)

  3. I love 'em. Although this year my library's doing a sale where you have to pay $10 to be a member and only members can buy books. It's pushing me away, but at the same time I shouldn't mind supporting the library.

  4. My library has a Friends of the Library sale once a year. It's outside on the lawn and it's a two-day event. Anything not sold on the first day is reduced in price for the second day. Anything not sold that day is free. In addition, they also have a free rack inside all year round. We can bring in books we no longer want and take anything we want to read.

  5. I don't often go. I can never find the deals others can. Mostly because this tends to be a reading town (which is good in a way...). Fortunately, they now have a used bookstore I frequent. Now, I can often find the good deal when I go there. AND all proceeds go to the library!

  6. You have some good finds there. I'm going to be looking out for my next library's friends of the library sale.

  7. We have a huge library in our town. Year after year its voted best in the county. They have an ongoing Friends of the Library book sale. I look every chance I get. Then once a year, usually the beginning of the summer they have a HUGE week long sale. The last day is "bag day". Its $5 for a plastic grocery bag and you can take any as many books as you can fit. My friends and I were laughing so hard as we tried to pack the books the right way to fit the most books.

  8. I love library sales but mine doesn't not have many sales and they are usually books I don't like, but now and then I can find some good sales and I jump on it! :)

  9. New follower from the blog hop!

  10. Our library has a sale every Saturday. I try to go often in case I might snag something good. Most books are $1, but romance books are a whole bag for $1 so it's a good way to try new authors. (they usually don't have any "big" names for sale).

  11. I LOVE library sales! I tend to over due it at the end when the give you a whole bag of books for 50 cents.

  12. Wow! That's alot of books. Great Finds!

  13. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who takes advantages of the sales. Ours is "open" all the time so I like that. They do paperback books for .25 and hardbacks for .50 so it's really cheap!