Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday reminders, Roundup, and A Look Ahead

Contests going on:

2 Copies of The Crazy School by Cornelia Reed Ends Feb 10th

4 Copies of Tragic Magic by Laura Childs Ends Feb 10th

3 copies of Dare To Surrender ends Feb. 18th

3 copies of "Corked" ends Feb 18th

3 copies "How To Never Look Fat Again"

5 Copies of "Five Finger Fiction" Ends Feb 18th

Reviews and Q&A's:

Q&A with Brooks Sigler author of "Five Finger Fiction"

Review of Katy's New World

Review of Schooled in Lies

Review of The Things That Keep Us Here

Guest post by author Ogo Ogbata

Q&A with author Laura Childs

Review of Searching For Tina Turner

Review of Tragic Magic

Review of Spring Breakdown

Kiddie Korner Review of Footlights and Fairydust

Review of From The Shadows

Coming up Next Week:

Review of The Crazy School

Review: Stickfiguratively Speaking Alice

Sunday: review and giveaway of Ecstasy Unveiled

Monday: review of A Note From an Old Acquaintance

Q&A with the author of Dead, Undead, or Something in Between

Wednesday: Review and Q&A with the author of 13 Ways To Tell Your Ancestor Stories

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  1. Stopping by to follow from MBC! So glad I found your blog; I'm a writer and I also do book reviews. I look forward to stopping back by!

    Hope to see you over at my blog too,