Friday, February 5, 2010

Q&A/ Giveaway with Brooks Sigler author of Five Finger Fiction!

Today we are joined by Brooks Sigler. She cracks me up, and I loved her Q&A! At the end of the Q&A you'll find info on a giveaway sponsored by Publishing Works!

-Tell us a bit about yourself.
When I was a wee lass, my nickname was "Big Boss." Not much has changed. I'm still trying to run the world. Bill Gates, the Kardashians, and God are not impressed.
Oh. And Brooks Sigler is only part of my legal name. There about forty other parts. I tried to simplify.

-Can you tell us a little about Five Finger Fiction?
We all have these addictions or compulsions we cannot necessarily shake. They may take new shapes, but they don't really leave us. The central character, Lila, is a kleptomaniac, and I was interested in exploring a lack of recovery and what that would look like.

- What was the hardest part of writing the book?
I second-guessed myself a great deal. Is this any good? Should I just forget it? To this day, I wonder if it is worth the paper on which it is printed.

- Where did you come up with your storyline? I loved it and found it to be so different from other books I've read!
Catholic school and a Catholic upbringing can be pretty inspirational. I think it was the knee socks I wore.

-I must know...LOL they say writers do best when they write what they know. Any truth to anything in the book?
The book is not autobiographical. As I tell everyone, I am not Irish, I am Irish-Italian.

- Do you have any upcoming work that we should be on the lookout for?
I'm working on a couple of things, but they are stalled right now. One of the projects is a sequel to Five Finger Fiction, but it is from the perspectives of Lucy, Lila's sister, and Lynette, Lila's mother. The other project is perhaps a little more literary; I'm about halfway through a manuscript of this.

-Last but not least, where can we find more of you? (facebook, twitter, websites, etc?)
I have a website, but it is not very sophisticated. It looks like I tackled my Mac with a crayon or something. I am on Twitter: @BrooksSigler, and I do have a fan page on Facebook.

You can Check out my review here

Book Summary:

Lila committed her first crime in the sixth grade. It started out with a simple ring clipped by this quintessential Catholic schoolgirl. From that defining moment when she began her collection, she was hooked. In Five Finger Fiction, Brooks Sigler draws us into her world of petty theft and juvenile rebellion as a way of dealing with her colorful, yet dysfunctional family, including her peeping tom father, and overbearing and clueless mother. What results is edgy and pushes the boundaries of adolescent delinquency.

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  1. I loved the interview!! The book sounds like an absolute hoot!! I'd love to win it..

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  2. I think Catholic education inspired a lot of books/movies.


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  4. Wonderful interview! I love the unique story premise! I've yet to read a book with a kleptomaniac character, I would love for this to be my first. Please count me in! :D

    As for my question, what was your favorite part to write in your book? Were there any particular parts you struggled with?

    Anna ♥

  5. awesome contest the interview was awesome made me laugh she really is funny i never heard of herbefore now tho would love to read this book deff count me in

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  6. madwoman-doing-cartwheelsFebruary 7, 2010 at 7:30 AM

    I'd love to read this book because I once was a Catholic schoolgirl although I didn't steal anything. I follow you as Rose Red.

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    What was your inspiration for writing this book? What made you want to tackle this subject?

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