Monday, February 8, 2010

ARC Review: "Stickfiguratively Speaking" Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Book Summary: (from PW)
Literary nonsense turns to whimsical imagery with a macabre twist in the pen and ink drawings of Jamison Odone. Stick figures have never emoted this much energy and each page brings one curiosity to a new light in this deconstruction of Lewis Carroll’s classic.
My Review:
This is just hilarious...really! By Page 6 I was cracked up by the dry humor that abounds in this remake of Alice In Wonderland. The illustrations are just great and can convey the wit all by themselves.
I'm not sure what I can say about this book and sound like a "serious" book reviewer.....
I'll put it like this... (And please excuse my French LOL) This S*it was hilarious! It was funny, creative, and just what you need to make you laugh. The illustrations and commentary are great and I have to imagine that Jamison Odone is one heck of a cool person to hang out with!
About the Author:
This is the first in the new series Stickfiguratively Speaking. Jamison is also the author/illustrator for Honey Badgers and the illustrator for The Bedtime Train by Joy Cowley both from Front Street Books.
About Publishing Works:
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  1. This sounds great, I'm such a sucker for stick figures LOL. No really everything seems to have been done before, or a rehash or whatever, at least get creative with it, and this sounds like they did just that.

  2. OMG! This sounds like it will be so funny, and I just have to buy it because my nickname has been Stickie for years. The big joke is that I am just a stick figure.


  3. This looks awesome!! I am definitely going to be checking it out!!
    What a great blog you have!! Thanks so much for stopping by mine so that I could find yours!! I love your header picture! So adorable!

  4. This looks awesome!! Thanks for bringing it to my attention, I might have to check this one out!

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