Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday Roundup, Reminders, and a Look Ahead!

Plenty of contests going on at the blog! Please go enter to win as several of them finish on Monday! You can find them all on my sidebar under "My Current Giveaways!"
Next on the Agenda:
A recap of this week!
Monday I posted the review and Giveaway for "A Black Tie Affair"
Tuesday I posted a Q&A with Ms. Bodine (comment for an extra chance at winning the book!)
Also on Monday I posted my review for the Veracity Bog Tour
Wednesday I posted my review for the "Knit, Purl, Die" Blog Tour
I also published this post about a company called Publishing Works and the discount they're offering to blog readers!
Friday I posted a Q&A with author Victoria Blisse about her book "Getting Intimate" It touches on a subject close to my heart and I think everyone should check it out.
Coming up this week!
Monday: My Birthday! but I'll also be posting my review for the blog tour of "Gentlemen Prefer Succubi" and "The Choice"
Tuesday: I'll have a guest post from author Jackie Griffey
Wednesday: Posting my review of "A Highlander's Destiny" for blog tour
That's only what I have written in my planner...there might even be more!
And of course I'll be posting some new giveaways and announcing the winners of the contests that end on Monday sometime during the week!


  1. Happy Birthday! And thanks for posting the round up. I've entered the contests for the books that I would like. You should so a special birthday post!

  2. Happy birthday early! And thanks for the roundup. Helped me catch up on your blog. Interesting weeke past, and ahead!


  3. Happy Birthday! Thanks for the Roundup. I'm still very new here, so I really appreciate it!

    Bill ;-)

    Hope you'll check out my book giveaway: