Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Q&A with Author Sherrill Bodine "A Black Tie Affair"

Today I would like to welcome Sherrill Bodine to "The Cajun Book Lady!" I'm excited to have her here today to tell us about herself and her new book "A Black Tie Affair"

Now on to our questions:
Tell us about yourself.
I was reared by my grandparents in a big old house in Indiana. I grew up surrounded by aunts, uncles, cousins and from the age of 5 I took care of my mother who has been developmentally disabled since birth -- "In My Grandmother's House" is a book I plan to write very soon.
I eloped with my husband my freshman year in college -- which was quite a scandal - but we are still married with 4 children many, many years later.
We've moved 22 times - including living in New York and LA. Now I'm here in Chicago and I love it. I call it home and I'm not leaving -- except to travel -- which I adore doing whenever possible.
Every picture I've seen of you thus far has shown you to be a very fashionable and well dressed woman. Does this influence your writing, and the type of stories you choose to write about. (I ask since "A Black Tie Affair" is based around clothing)
Thank you for the compliment! I confess I've been fascinated by clothes as an expression of "who we are and who we want to be" since I was a child looking through the Sears and Penny catalogues - dreaming about what I wanted to buy. My fascination reached a zenith this past September when I attended Milan Fashion Week.
My friend, Dusty, is the mother of Brian Atwood the shoe designer and creative director of Bally. As a birthday gift for our mutual friend, Laurie, we were invited to Milan. We had tickets to the Versace Runway Show and were invited to the mansion afterwards for a party -- tickets to the Gucci Runway Show and of course the Bally presentation. Brian wined and dined us and our last night in Milan we were at the same restaurant as Janet Jackson, who was celebrating her birthday -- we all sang to her. Yes, I will definitely be writing about this adventure -- my fascination continues!
Who is your favorite character from this book?
This is tough because I love my characters. Like my children - I could never pick a favorite. But my favorite scene in the book is Drew and Athena dancing through the dimly lit deserted museum. Very romantic!
What was your inspiration for this story? ( I know this one but we'll include it for the readers...)
Two dear friends introduced me into the fabulous world of vintage couture - Laurie Davis (yes, the Milan birthday girl) and Tim Long, Curator of Costume at The Chicago History Museum.
Tim told me about being poisoned by a black Dior evening gown - decades ago designers sprayed the netting of gowns with a substance that if it begins to degrade puts off a gas and particles which can cause hallucinations.
Then he told me about a huge underground fall-out shelter where so many wonderful vintage gowns are stored. Well, how could I resist sharing such a fascinating story with readers. You know how I love to give you all a peek behind the scenes in Chicago!
Do you have any upcoming projects we should be on the lookout for?
In a Black Tie Affair I introduce two powerful Chicago families - the Smith sisters, Athena, Venus and Diana - and the Clayworth Men. Venus and Diana have fabulous stories to share!
Last but not least where can we find more of you? (fan pages, twitter) (I'm a
twitter follower myself )
My website - http://www.sherrillbodine.com/ - recently got a "face lift". I'd love to hear what you think about it.
I'm on Writerspace, Facebook and Twitter (@SherrillBodine). I recently bought an iphone - my family laughed themselves silly when I told them because they couldn't believe I would ever figure out how to use it -- I did and I love it. I try to 'tweet" daily from it.
I LOVE to hear from readers so please be my friend on Facebook and let's follow one another on Twitter!
Watch for A BLACK TIE AFFAIR by Sherrill Bodine, January 2010. Now in the stores,TALK OF THE TOWN Sherrill Bodine's new romantic comedy from Grand Central Publishing Dec. 2008 http://www.sherrillbodine.com/
Thanks so much to Sherrill for joining me today and don't forget to check out the review I posted yesterday along with a chance to win this book!


  1. Hi Sherrill and Kris - I've seen only good reviews for this book! The storyline idea is original and sounds interesting.

    I had to laugh at Kris' first question - My first thought at seeing this post was "I love her dress!"

  2. I think this is a fresh storyline and in an industry I've wanted to learn more about.

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  3. sherrillbodine@hotmail.comJanuary 21, 2010 at 9:16 PM

    Hi! What a great site! Thanks for letting me visit! xo Sherrill

  4. sherrillbodine@hotmail.comJanuary 30, 2010 at 2:32 PM

    Hi All, This blog tour has been a revelation! Loved it and thrilled to have been able to connect with all of you. Please keep in touch!
    xo Sherrill