Monday, January 4, 2010

Q&A with Author E.J.Stevens!

Joining us today is Author E.J. Stevens! She writes some really great poetry about one of my favorite subjects....the world of fairie! So sit back and read her fascinating Q&A...I know I had a great time learning about her!

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Well Kristina, I am a somewhat eccentric soul residing deep in a magical forest on the beautiful coast of Maine. I am passionate about reading and often overcome by fits of writing. It is not unusual to see me heading off to the green mossy mounds beneath the trees with a pack filled with notebooks and various writing implements accompanied by my corgi Maya. Did you know that Welsh Corgis are believed to be the enchanted fairy steeds for such royal fairies as Queen Mab herself? The fae folk would ride these courageous and noble dogs into battle. I therefore always feel prepared for any adventure with Maya at my side.


Where do you get your inspiration for your writing? I've read some very cool things on your blogs and I have to know where someone comes up with such creative writing. (I love it!)

Thank you! I must place the blame securely at the feet of my mother and grandmother. My grandmother is from Wales and my mom and her family didn't move across the pond to the US until she was a young woman in high school. They brought with them a wealth of Celtic and regional folklore and a healthy respect for little folk and nature spirits. I find daily inspiration in the world around me, the growth of moss on stone or the creak of a leafless tree branch in Winter, but it is the stories that I grew up with that color all that I see.


Here's a question that I love to ask! As a child were you imaginative or a daydreamer?

I had a VERY overactive imagination. I have always been a storyteller and as a child I would weave the most elaborate tales from the mundane. My favorite catalyst for a lively story was always the dreaded school lunches. I remember mixing food and saying that I was conjuring a powerful spell. At another time I saw the woody stem left on a green bean and told the other child, whose lunch tray it was sitting on, that this was the horn sprouting out of a demon creature but that alas it was killed during the steaming. This, of course, got me into a bit of trouble. Fortunately my love for reading launched me into the rank of honor student and I was able to survive public school.

I'm always interested in folklore, mythology, etc. I see talk of fae (and other members of fairie) on your blog. What made you decide to base your writings on them?

I grew up believing strongly in the existence of the fae. The stories that my mother and grandmother told were filled with magic but they always seemed so much more real to me than everyday life.

I also remember becoming lost in the woods one day not far from my home. I stumbled into what I continue to believe was a fairy glen. It was breathtakingly beautiful. Dense wood made way for a circle of moss of the most brilliant green and a large beam of golden light filled the circle. Flitting through the light were small winged creatures. I remember being filled with an intense feeling of happiness and contentment. Then I turned and was in my back yard. The cynical amongst you will likely say that it was just a sunny refuge for a lost child in a dark and scary wood and that the winged creatures were mosquitoes and dragonflies. Perhaps. Whether in truth or in dream I felt touched by the fae on the Summer afternoon long ago.

I hope to share a small piece of that kind of wonder and magic with my readers. Now too, as an adult, I am intrigued by the dark side of some of these stories and hope to share some of the great mystery, wonder and at times terror that these myths can inspire.


Can you tell us about your upcoming works and what we can hope to see?

I currently have three major writing projects in the works. I have a paranormal romance fantasy novel that is very much in its infancy but promises to be something very special. It is too early to give a release date on the novel but I am very excited about this project!

I have a steampunk/neo-Victorian/gaslight poetry collection 'Gears, Steam & Absinthe Daydreams' which currently is on track for a Fall 2010 release.

Lastly, my collection of folklore, myth and legend inspired poetry 'Shadows of Myth and Legend' is moving along ahead of schedule and may be complete and ready for print as early as Spring 2010. Busy, busy!

The following poem, The Winter Queen, is featured in my upcoming collection 'Shadows of Myth and Legend'.

The Winter Queen

In the dark world of Shadow
During Solstice the Longest Night
The Winter Queen stirs
While her dreaded frost minions
Take flight

In this land of cold and fear
Stands a palace of ice and stone
Where locked deep within
Sits the Winter Queen upon
Her throne

Awareness returns to her
As she tries to open her eyes
Memory and pain
Erupts, but ice seals away
Her cries

The only thing not frozen
Are Winter Queen’s immortal tears
Which sparkle as they
Flow down her cheeks mingling with
Her fears

No one dare enter her realm
No man will ever kiss her lips
For death lingers in
Her embrace, into abyss
He’ll slip

So on this dark Solstice night
The Winter Queen sits upon her throne
Knowing she will sit here
Forever frozen and all

by E.J. Stevens

Where can we find more of you and your writing? Fan pages, blogs, websites?

My book 'From the Shadows' is available in paperback from Amazon and will soon be available at Barnes & Noble and other fine retailers.

My poems have been featured across the blogosphere, most recently at 'Moonlight, Lace and Mayhem', and on my own blogs.

My primary blog is From the Shadows ( however I have been including some teaser bits of writing on my other two blogs Shadows of Myth and Legend ( and Gears, Steam & Absinthe Daydreams (

I also invite new readers to come view my book trailer for From the Shadows on YouTube:

The following poem, Shadow Queen of the Sidhe is from my book 'From the Shadows'.

Shadow Queen of the Sidhe

Blackberry lips
Brimstone embers in her hair
The evil temptress beckons
For you to come into her lair

Feet dancing on the dark crags
Legs bare but for swirling mist
She pouts at your indecision
And offers up a kiss

Wrapped in shifting shadows
She sways from side to side
Looks coyly through dark lashes
Opens her mouth wide

A growl escapes her
As she reaches for your face
Shadow Queen of the Sidhe
Wraps you in her dark embrace.

by E.J. Stevens

Thank you all for joining me today and thank you Kristina for having me as your guest.

I want to give a BIG thank you to E.J. For joining me here today! I loved her Q&A Session and had a great time reading it. Make sure to go check out her blog and become a follower...she's got some really cool stuff on there! Thanks again E.J. and I look forward to reading more of your work! Can't wait to see what you come up with for a novel!

**Just a note to let you konw that E.J. will be stopping in during the day to answer any questions that you might have, so make sure you come back to check out the reply! **


  1. Wonderful intereview Kris. Thanks for the author introduction. Those poems were wonderful, the Winter Queen was so sad and then Shadow Queen...eek. Thanks for the invite and I will keep my eyes open for her work! - Parajunkee

  2. Awesome interview! Very informative and interesting. Thanks.

  3. ParaJunkee,
    Thank you for your kind words! I'm so glad you enjoyed The Winter Queen and Shadow Queen of the Sidhe.

    I'm so glad you enjoyed the interview. Thank you for stopping by!

    Thank you Kris for having me here today on your blog. I've had a wonderful time!


  4. E.J. is my most favorite Paranormal Poet and well, she does know it! LoL When I read her prose it puts me there, in the forest or on the moors. I get goosebumps, truly.
    I await the novel, with great anticipation.
    Bonnie Lea

  5. great blog and just started following- I can't wait to read more from the title too