Monday, January 11, 2010

Q&A with Amanda Scott "Seduced By a Rogue"

Joining us today is Ms. Amanda Scott author of "Seduced by a Rogue" and many more titles! So let's welcome her and see what she has to say!

We know that you started writing on a dare from your husband...but my question is have you enjoyed it along the way?

Very much, although my husband delights in taking all the credit! His favorite interview (that I’ve done) is the one where the idiot reporter began his article with my husband’s name instead of mine. Needless to say, I was less impressed with the guy.

What made you decide that romance was your genre?

I had no idea that there was a romance genre, and the first publisher the manuscript went to bought it. I was just writing a historical novel. I’d set it in the Regency period, because that was my period (I have an M.A. in history with emphasis on Britain). I set my second book (Border Bride) in Scotland, because no one told me there were categories and that the editor would be expecting another Regency romance. Took seven years to find a publisher for Border Bride, and when I did, the book had a 100% sell-through (sold all copies). It was reprinted by Kensington in 2001 and did very well then, too (USA Today list).

Can you tell us about your writing process? (drinks or snacks you must have? Music you just have to listen to?)

I don’t do snacks and rarely listen to music as I write (only if the house is alive with distractions). To write two historicals a year, I have to be pretty self-disciplined. I do the research, outline the book, develop the big scenes first, and then connect them. I aim for a minimum of three pages a day to begin and increase the number of pages as I get into the book. By the end, I can be working eighteen hours a day.

Can you tell us which of you books is your favorite and where can people find more of your work?

I’m sure that most writers say, as I frequently do, that choosing a favorite book is like choosing a favorite child. The truth is that if I did not think that each book I write is somehow better than the last one, I’d have quit long ago. As for where people can find more of my work, I’ve written 54 books, and my website includes my complete booklist, and many bookstores carry at least a few of my backlist. The two newest are Tamed By A Laird [July 2009] and Seduced By A Rogue [January 2010]. The third book in this trilogy, Tempted By A Warrior, will be out in July 2010. Also, I will be signing books in 2010 at Scottish games in Woodland (near Sacramento), Costa Mesa, and Pleasanton (near San Francisco), CA, as well as Enumclaw (near Seattle & Tacoma), Washington and possibly Albuquerque, NM. Come and see me!

Now...this is just a fun question....If any of your leading men in ANY of your stories could sweep you off your feet, who would it be? (I'm married myself but hey we can have imaginary boyfriends right? LOL)

With 54 to choose from, I’m at a loss here. I loved all of them (good grief, if I didn’t, I wouldn’t make them my heroes!) But recently, I’ve loved the short-fused Sir Walter Scott of Buccleuch in Border Wedding, the charming Sir Garth Napier in Border Lass — I created him during the Angora Fire at Lake Tahoe and based him in part on a few impressive firefighters in my son’s department—and the erstwhile villainous but finally reformed Simon Murray of Border Moonlight. Right now, however, my favorite leading men are the always decisive but rarely victorious Sir Hugh Douglas in Tamed By a Laird and the rebellious Rob Maxwell of Seduced By a Rogue. And, naturally, I’m now in love with the hero of Tempted By A Warrior, whose charms will, I hope, fade in comparison with those of the leading man I am presently creating.
Thanks so much for joining us today and I look forweawrd to reading more from you!

About the Author:

Amanda Scott, best-selling author and winner of the Romance Writers of America's RITA/Golden Medallion and The Romantic Times' awards for Best Regency Author and Best Sensual Regency, began writing on a dare from her husband. She has sold every manuscript she has written. More than twenty-five of her books are set in the English Regency period (1810-1820), others are set in fifteenth-century England and sixteenth-and eighteenth-century Scotland. Three are contemporary romances. Amanda lives with her husband and son in northern California.


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    Thank you for the great interview with Amanda Scott and thank you to Amanda for sharing here. I really enjoyed learning more about her and her writing. Will Amanda Scott join Twitter?

  2. I think that's great that you started writing on a dare! You really showed him, huh?

    And good questions, Kris! I like how you change it up with every author.

  3. I didn't realize the Seduced by a Rogue was part of a trilogy. I'll have to keep my eye out for Tamed by a Laird.

    Thanks for the great interview!