Friday, January 15, 2010

Louisiana Author Feature (extended edition) Illustrator and Artist Cherie Langford!

(this is Cherie and some of the book illustrations)

Today I am lucky to be joined by Illustrator and Artist Cherie Langford! So let's welcome her and see what she has to say!

First off can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I was born and raised in New Orleans where I lived with my husband and 2 kids until Hurricane Katrina. We are currently residing in Nashville, but are finally moving back home.
I've always been a creative person. I started drawing when I was able to hold a pencil. I would draw and paint pictures and then go outside and sell them to passers by. I see something else in everything I see and feel the "need" to express it.

Do you normally do illustration work, or is this something that came about unexpectedly?

I have always loved drawing, I can't remember a time when I didn't, but "Crawfish Family Band" is the first book I've ever worked on....and it has been a lot of fun!
Todd-Michael St. Pierre is a wonderful author of Louisiana based children's books, cookbooks and poetry. When he asked me to work with him, I was proud to have the honor.

How long did it take you to illustrate the Crawfish Family Band?

The book is still in progress, and should be complete by April at the latest. It has been about 6 months since I started assembling the verse into pages. I am almost finished now and can't wait to see the end result in print. It''s such a fun book that keeps the Louisiana culture alive in our kids.
So many kids are displaced since Katrina, including my own, and I think it's really important to keep our traditions alive in them.

Do you plan to illustrate more children's books? Is it something you would like to continue doing?

I would definitely like to continue illustrating children's books, and I have a list of ideas for some of my own.

Now here is more of a serious question for you. I hear that you were displaced after Katrina. How were you inspired to capture N.O. and Louisiana more in your work after moving to Nashville after Katrina?

I didn't paint New Orleans at all before Katrina . I was still developing my own style and was trying out a lot of different mediums and subjects. I had always lived in New Orleans and really didn't know how good I had it. I took it for granted that I could walk down the street and get a roast beef poboy or walk to Audubon Park and sit under a live oak.The culture really is like no other, and as they say, "you can take the girl out of Louisiana, but you can't take Louisiana out of the girl". It was being away that made me want to paint home, and the longing to be back.

Where can we find more of you and your work? (fan pages, websites?)

I am in the process of setting up a website..but until then you can find my work at

Last but not Least....What do you love about Louisiana?

I really do love so many things about Louisiana. The only things that I really don't like are: The politics and the humidity.

(These are some of Cherie's paintings)


  1. Your artwork is beautiful and congratulations on finally being able to come home!

  2. Great interview. I like how she said, "It was being away that made me want to paint home, and the longing to be back."
    I love the illustration at the bottom of the interview.

  3. Cherie, your art is fantastic and crosses the bounds between children and adults wonderfully! I am sorry you had to go through Katrina, but I am glad it brought out such creativity in you. I grew up in Nashville and love the city in a special way. I hope it has been good to you and your family, and I hope you can get home to New Orleans soon.

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful artist, Kris! What a different twist for my writer's mind! Every time I stop by I am glad I did and wish I did so more often. Please let us know when this book comes out - I want to read it to my children and cherish the drawings!

    Do Beautiful Things

  4. Great interview! Cherie is a very talented NOLA girl!!!