Friday, January 8, 2010

Louisiana Author Feature (extended edition) The authors of "Crux" and a Giveaway!

So by "Extended Edition" I mean these authors aren't from Louisiana but there book is based in Louisiana. I'm so excited to have Bree and Donna here today!

And also they have offered up a free ebook copy of "Crux" to one lucky commenter!

So tell us about Moira Rogers and how she came to be!

Donna: Bree and I have been writing separately for years, though more for our own personal enjoyment than with a mind to professional publication. In2007, we realized we'd been doing so much of our brainstorming and plotting together that actually writing something together seemed like the next natural step.

Bree: Of course, then we had to practice. We write in a very integrated fashion, literally in and around each other's words, so it took some time to refine our method. And then we had to think of a pen name. We'd both worked too many years at Barnes & Noble to want to have two names on the cover--it is impossible to find those books! No one knows where to shelve them!

What was the inspiration for Crux?

Donna: We wanted to write a book based in a supernatural world, but neither of us really wanted to do anything with vampires. We didn't actually even want them to exist in this universe. And that led directly to our setting--"Hey, wouldn't it be funny if we did this, sans vamps...and set it in New Orleans?"

Bree: So it was New Orleans from the very start. Then we had to build our world out from around that. Though the adventures sometimes take our characters out of the state, everything always comes back to New Orleans in the end. (Though now that I think about it, they've also visited New Hampshire and New York--maybe New Brunswick is next?)

Who is your favorite character in this New Orleans based novel?

Bree: My favorite character is probably...well, it's a tie. I love the hero, Jackson. He's a smooth-talkin' Georgia boy who has made New Orleans his home. I also love Mahalia, a witch who has retired to Boca Raton. In her heyday Mahalia ran a little bar in the French Quarter where all of the supernatural denizens of New Orleans idledaway their free time. So she's pretty much single-handedly responsible for most of the friendships in our book!

Donna: I love Nick Peyton. I've had that character in my head in some incarnation or another for more years than I'm ready to admit, so it was awesome to finally get to put her in a book.

Now I know ya'll are Southern but not in Louisiana so what was the deciding factor to basing the book in the "Big Easy"?

Donna: Whoops, already gave it away. LOL The fact is, we were looking fora place where a bunch of shape shifters and witches and psychics who were rebelling against their societies' rigid expectations might congregate.When I think of places where interesting people from diverse backgrounds might go, two places pop to mind: New Orleans and Key West, Florida. And we might still do something with Key West one day...

When can we expect the next book; can you tell us a little about it?

Bree: The next book will actually be available in just a few weeks in digital format, and in November in print. CROSSROADS picks up only a month or so after Crux ends, and follows Nicole Peyton, reluctant shapeshifter princess-in-exile as she tries to juggle two seemingly impossible tasks: dealing with her forbidden attraction to an unsuitable man and saving her sister from the Conclave that rules all shapeshifting wolves. CROSSROADS takes place in New Orleans and New York, with a wee little bit of Wyoming, too.

Where can we find more of Moira Rogers? (singularly or together)

Donna: We don't write separately, which is part of what makes us different from a lot of partnerships, I guess. Right now, we have books available from several different publishers. You can find complete listings of released and upcoming books, as well as free reads, at our website:

Bree: We also love Twitter. Love it more than we should! And since there are a lot of different social networking places out there, I gathered up a big old list of everywhere we hang out on our website:

Normally I would ask what you love about living in Louisiana...but since that isn't the case here I'll ask this...What do you like about Louisiana?

Donna: Crawfish boils and Spanish architecture. And parties!

Bree: Oh yes, the architecture. There's so much beauty there...sometimes I get lost in photo albums of New Orleans, but that's okay, right? I can call it research? (Three hours later I had better call it something!)
Thank you again both for being here today!

So do you want to win an ebook copy of Crux? Well here's what you have to do! (contest ends January 15th!)

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    Congratulations on your latest successes!

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