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Let's Kick off the "Entwined by Fate" Blog Tour! Lots of chances to win!

I am so excited for this Blog Tour! Some Rockin' ladies wrote this book and I've had the chance to review it!


Stella, half of S.A. Price (the other half is Audra), has some awesome prizes to give away! The picture above is what you can win here! Included in the prize pack is an "Entwined by Fate" t-shirt, Awesome swag and two of their previous books (Deep water and Fire in His Eyes). Now tell me is that a great prize pack or what!? (Some of it will even be autographed!)

Here are the other blogs on the tour so be sure to check out those and comment for more Prizes!!!

http://myoverstuffedbookshelf.blogspot.com/ (not sure but I'll find out!)

Now A word from Stella and Audra!
Hi All!
Thanks to Kris for letting me pop by and hangout today. We, meaning Audra and I, have a book coming out later this month called Entwined by Fate and its about the next big thing in werebeasts: weresnakes!
Yes I know it says S.A.Price on the cover but trust me, two people wrote this book LOL. Anyway, this book is special because it focuses on weresnakes,and yes, there have been others that write weresnakes, but NO ONE but us has done it as a focus race for romance. Thats said, we are so excited to finally have it coming out for all you lucky people to read!
So today we have an interview with the main character of Entwined by Fate, John Merrick. Merrick, as hes called through the book is an older gentleman (in his 40's) so hes not the normal romance hero. He answers 5 questions for us today!

(YAY for Merrick!)

Merrick, thank you for talking with us today. Your story, Entwined by Fate is the first in the new series by the sisters. Can you tell me why it was important to tell your story, and why you choose to tell the sisters?

I’ve waited long enough to get my story out, I was afraid that if I didn’t do it now then maybe it would never happen. I’m not getting any younger even for a snake I’m not as spry as I used to be. I think it was time to stop fooling myself that I could live without Elise anymore.

As for the sisters, I’ve heard good things about them and they’re fun to work with.

What have you been doing in the past fifteen years since you have seen your mate?

Well I guess I’ve been keeping myself busy. I met up with an old friend, Trent Duval, and set to work with him for a while. Trent’s an interesting character so life’s never dull around him. I helped him with his business and while Aiden and Kira were still young we stayed close to him and his ward.

The three of them were around the same age so they went to school together.
Once the kids were comfortable with their changes or as comfortable as Aiden ever will be we moved around looking for others. Trent’s line of work’s never really been suited to myself and I wanted to do something constructive for my race and help as many people as I could.

Tell us a little about your nest.

It isn’t technically a nest more of a collection of strays and unwanted snakes. Our lives are such that a lot of our kind are discriminated against, whether they’re venomous or just born into the wrong family. We don’t have any structure for protecting the weaker of us and I believe that’s one of the reasons why there’s so few of us left.

The Archons as a whole are so concerned for their own nests and their land that it borders on obsession they couldn’t care what’s happening in the real world with other snakes. Of course there are exceptions to that rule, Elise has always taken people in on their own merits.

Anyway I wanted to set something up that provided for the outcasts and the unwanted. A lot of our children can be orphaned before their first change. Its scary finding out that you not only shift forms into a reptile but that others of your kind won’t take you in and in fact are likely to kill you on sight for trespassing. There’s no one to teach these kids the rules and to support them through their changes. Even something as simple as medical attention isn’t easy to come by.

I wanted to find as many of those kids and rogues as I could and let them know there was someone out there who wouldn’t turn them away. It was as much for me as it was for them though, I was trying to deal with Aiden and Kira and I needed the support as much as anyone. It’s good to be with your own kind, I was brought up in a nest environment, to be left struggling on your own its very difficult.

Are their any regrets you have (aside from leaving Elise) that you wish you could change?

Leaving Aiden near matches would be a big one and letting Kira take that snake. But I do have a few regrets in life, the times when I’ve pushed too hard or not hard enough and consequently people have died. Dealing with kids who instinctively don’t trust you is always going to be trial and error and when I make mistakes the people I’m trying to save tend to suffer. I try not to dwell on past mistakes, I’ve helped a lot of people and maybe that makes up for the ones I couldn’t save.

Although I did once save a young soldier’s life and introduce him to the world as we know it. In retrospect that was probably a mistake. I’m betting karmically that’s going to bite me on the ass come judgment day and Trent would just love that.

What’s in the future for you?

Who knows? Maybe happily ever after, we deserve that much, at least Elise does.

Thank you so much Merrick for stopping by!

No bother thanks for having me.

So now that you know a little about Merrick, we hope you will enjoy his story, which he does foreshadow on a bit of the book. Its sexy, and different and I hope you will pick it up and try it out.

So how can I win this great stuff you ask? (Well you must be a follower) Contest ends January 15th (US residents only)

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