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In My Mailbox

IMM is hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren
I had a pretty good mailbox this week!
For Review:
Tragic Magic (I'm reading this one now)
Hasta La Vista Lola (yep 2 copies so that means a giveaway!)
Love in Midair
The Crazy School
A Note From an Old Aquaintance
The Blind Side (this one was always sold out when I went for glad I got it finally)
The Awakening
Firespell (I thought this would be a bigger book?)
Original Sin (yay! I hope this turns out to be a great series!)
So what did you get? Leave a link so I can stop in and see!

Saturday Reminders, Roundup, and A Look Ahead

So this week I announced some winners and still need emails from a few, please check this post to see if it's you
I did reviews on:
Hook and Jill (amazing book!)
The Long Way Home (YA christian fiction)
A Highlander's Destiny
Haunted Hikes of New Hampshire
The Choice
Gentlemen Prefer Succubi
Other fun stuff:
I had a guest post from cozy mystery author Jackie Griffey
I had Patti from The Book Addict over to talk about her blog in the LA Author and Blogger Feature
(If you are a LA blogger please contact me so you can be in the feature!)
Coming up Next Week:
Monday: book feature on "Egg Lavae Pupae Woman"
Tuesday: FIRST Tours "Spring Breakdown" review
Wednesday: "Searching for Tina Turner" review
Thursday: "The Things That Keep Us Here" review
Friday: "Schooled in Lies" review
(this is what's on my schedule but I do have a few other things to post too!)
Contests to enter:

Friday, January 29, 2010

Review: Hook and Jill by Andrea Jones (a must read!)

Book Summary:

In this startling new vision of a cultural classic, Wendy intends to live happily ever after with Peter Pan.

But Time, like this tale, behaves in a most unsettling way. As Wendy mothers the Lost Boys in Neverland, they thrive on adventure. She struggles to keep her boys safe from the Island's many hazards, but she finds a more subtle threat encroaching from an unexpected quarter. . . . The children are growing up, and only Peter knows the punishment

My Review:

Let me start off by saying I'm a HUGE fan of retold fairy tales. Andrea Jones blew me away with her rewrite of Peter Pan.

"Hook and Jill" will totally make you question everything you have ever thought of Peter, Wendy, and Neverland! This book fluidly portrayed the dark and sinister side of this tale. It definitely made you stop , reflect on the story you know, and then look at it from an adult perspective.

Sweet little Tinkerbell isn't so sweet...she's more of a murder plotting pixie. She's dark and jealous; scheming against Wendy at every chance. Then there's Peter who I've always thought to be innocent; well let's just say this tale was spun to show the dark part of everyone. Your usual impression (and visual) of Hook is ripped right out from under you to be replaced by the misunderstood and beautifully handsome pirate.

My eyes were popping at some of the things I read in this story. There are just so many shocking moments in a story that we grew up knowing so well. THAT is what made me keep coming back for more. I never knew what to expect or what terrible secret would be revealed next!

Andrea Jones is an wonderful storyteller in her own right and I highly recommend this book if you can handle having the fairy tale you've known so long turned upside down!

I give this book five stars and I honestly can't think of enough good things to say about it. I'll also be adding this one to my top 10 of 2010!

Discount Code:

This book was provided free of any obligation by Publishing Works, Inc. No monetary or any other form of compensation was received.

Publishing Works was launched in 2003 as an independent press specializing in regional titles. Since then, the company has grown dramatically to embody a list of titles that spans diverse genres, age levels, and subject matter.

Please visit them at their website,, or view their catalog for a complete list of titles.

To purchase this book or any other book published by Publishing Works, visit their online store here. At checkout, include the Coupon Code BLOG for a 20% DISCOUNT, courtesy of Publishing Works, Inc. and their continued support of book blogging! Happy reading!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Winners I need to hear from!

For the Big 'Ol Sci Fi/ Fantasy giveaway!

Books already chosen...
The Silver Ship and the Sea
Sean mcMullen's book
A Betrayal in Winter

Please choose from what's left

3rd Aik
4th Benita
5th Wanda


5 Copies of "Seduced By A Rogue"
(please send me your mailing address

E.J. Stevens
Rebecca Graham


ebooks of "The Sin Eater's Prince" by Keta Diablo (must be 18)
(I need your email address)


YA Review: The Long Way Home by Andrew Klavan

Book Description:

From Edgar Award winning and best-selling author Andrew Klavan comes the second novel in the Homelanders series.
Charlie West was an ordinary high school kid who went to bed one night and woke up in the clutches of terrorists and wanted by the police for murder.

Now, with both the terrorists and the cops on his trail, Charlie makes his way home to find some answers. Holed up in an abandoned mansion, Charlie is joined by his high school buddies as he tries to find the truth about a murder he can't remember--and recover the love he can't forget.
My Review:
This is the second book in "The Homelanders" series. Unfortunately for me, I missed out on book one. (but I plan on finding that one too!)
Andrew Klavan is a wonderful writer who gets you pumped up at the very beginning of the story. I was really caught up within the first chapter.
It's seemed to me that that book was based around the (never ending) battle between good and evil. I thought (for once LOL) that it was pretty easy to determine what side each character represented.
The plot was definitely an exciting one and kept me interested.
Overall..."The Long Way Home" was a very well written and somewhat intense YA book. It's a YA Christian fiction story but I would say it's way more on the contemporary side of Christian fiction that I've read lately. I really enjoyed it and look forward to reading the next in the series.

LA Blogger and Author Feature: Patti The Book Addict

Joining us today is fellow Louisiana Blogger Patti! make sure to check her out when your done here!

-Tell us about your blog and what made you decide to start blogging.

Okay, sort of a long story….I have always loved to read, even as a child. My mom used to joke she’d have to send me outside to punish me because if I stayed inside I’d just read. I have three children, and after the birth of each child my reading went on hiatus until they were old enough to entertain themselves for an extended period of time – about 2 years or so. So, my youngest was born in 2006 (yes, a Katrina baby – don’t laugh!) and I found reading again at the end of 2008 with a great little book called…Twilight. I devoured the series and wanted more, more, more!

Then a co-worker recommended Sherrilyn Kenyon and I ripped through the Dark Hunters. Whoa – I’d never read Romance before but I sure did like these guys; then I found the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Oh my! I trolled the internet for more, more, more! Then, while I was googling sexy vampire books, I found Ms. Moonlight (can you add the links: , Mandi (, VampFanGirl (, and Cecile (; Cecile is a fellow Louisiana book blogger and major LSU fan. I had no idea there were blogs dedicated to books out there! I had been keeping a personal blog for awhile, and thought to myself, why not do a book blog too? My co-worker who recommended the Dark Hunters had moved to another job, and I didn't know anyone else who was into these kinds of books except my sister in law and she was as green as I was about this genre, so I jumped in with both feet and am so glad I did. Since then I’ve started reading Historical, Contemporary, Erotic, and a bit of M/M Romance too – I love it all!

I read a lot of books, so there is no way I can review everything I read. I go by how I feel at the end of the book – do I feel like I want to share this book? If the answer is yes, I’ll review it. Mostly it’s a good thing but occasionally I’ll want to share because I didn’t like it (not too often though, my husband says I’m a softie).

Some of my favorite series and authors:

Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer
Vampire Academy and Succubus Series by Richelle Mead
Southern Vampire Mysteries by Charlaine Harris
Black Dagger Brotherhood Books by JR Ward
Ilona Andrew’s Magic Series
Carrie Vaughn’s Kitty Books
Mercedes “Mercy” Thompson Series
Night Huntress Series by Jeaniene
FrostWomen of the Otherworld Series by Kelley Armstrong
Werecat Series by Rachel Vincent
Jane Jameson Series by Molly Harper
Chicagoland Vampires by Chloe Neill
Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon
Karen Marie Moning’s Highlander Series and Fever Series
Judy Garwood’s historicals
Victoria Dahl’s contemporaries
Rachel Gibson’s contemporaries
Susan Anderson’s contemporaries
Kristen Higgins’ contemporaries

-Any current contest or giveaways?

I am giving away a signed copy of Vampire Academy and Succubus Blues right now; the contest ends on February 19 ( (I had to get past Mardi Gras to have time to count entries, etc. I usually take the kids to a lot of parades so I’ll probably be pretty scarce around the blogosphere during that time.)

-Anywhere else we can find you? Facebook, twitter, goodreads etc?

Time for honesty here – I’m a complete technology idiot. I’m on facebook, twitter (BookAddictPatti) and Goodreads, but don’t really know how to work any of them properly. I think I’ve got facebook figured out for the most part, and my Goodreads is there but I am just now updating it (it’s been shamefully ignored). Twitter is kicking my butt. I can’t figure out the functions or how to link for contest purposes (cause who doesn’t love winning books?!), so right now it’s a love/hate thing with twitter.

-Last but Not least...what do you love about Louisiana?

I love living in Louisiana – it’s a beautiful state. It’s got a fascinating history politically and culturally, the people are so friendly, and our weather is beautiful most of the year. Louisiana has something fun for everyone: culture, wildlife, history, city life.

We have crawfish and seafood and some of the most colorful characters you’ll ever meet. As an added bonus, living in New Orleans we get Mardi Gras (coming soon)!

I did a post on my personal blog recently about some of the things I love about New Orleans ( AND, currently, we’re in the midst of Saints Football Frenzy – WHO DAT!!!Thanks for having me over, I was thrilled when I stumbled across your blog – it gives me a feeling of comraderie to see other Louisiana book bloggers!

Thanks so much to Patti for stopping by! Make sure you visit her blog and enter that awesome contest and leave a few comments. (oh and Patti...I have TWO hurricane babies LOL...I guess we get bored with no electricity?)

Oh and ........ WHO DAT!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Review: A Highlander's Destiny by Melissa Mayhue

Pocket, December 2009
Mass Market Paperback, 384 pages
ISBN-10: 1439144214
ISBN-13: 9781439144213
Book summary:

JESSE CORYELL, a descendant of the Fae, is a man in search of his destiny. He's tried to lose himself in his work, taking on the worst mankind has to offer, but what he really needs to find is his true love. When he sets out to help a mysterious woman find her sister, what he gets is much more than he bargained for: battling an undeniable attraction to his sexy new client while fighting an ancient evil to keep her safe.

DESTINY NOBLE, abandoned by everyone she's ever loved, will stop at nothing in her desperate quest to find her sister. Authorities have declared Leah a runaway, but Destiny knows better. Her dream visions have shown her the frightening truth. They've also shown her Jesse. But finding her Soulmate could result in the most painful loss of all, when she's forced to choose between loving Jesse and saving Leah.

Jesse and Destiny race against time to save an innocent girl from a powerful ancient evil. Is true love their best weapon...or will they be required to sacrifice their own destiny?
My Review:
If your looking for just a fun read and an exciting adult fairy story then here's your book! I will admit I had some moment's of confusion with the book but I'm attributing it to the fact that I haven't read the previous book. From the title alone (not the summary) I was expecting a little more action from the "highlander" angle but found it to be an enjoyable fairie story instead.
We followed Destiny in her search for her sister who has been kidnapped. This leads Destiny to finding Jesse; a rich/half fae/ highlander/ private investigator that she just can't seem to trust. Their love story was interesting and frustrating at the same time which made for a good read.
The ending actually really wanted to make me read the next book (hint: it includes time travel!)
Overall, I'd say it was a quick read that you didn't have to concentrate on too hard. It's a good book to read if your looking to step into a different place, relax, and read about fairies.
One last note: In person this cover is just GORGEOUS!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lots of Winners!

Winners...if you can please email me that would be very helpful! My email address can be found in the sidebar under "reviewing."
For the Big 'Ol Sci Fi/ Fantasy giveaway!
(RKCharron will pick first and then we'll go down the line!)
1st RKCharron
2nd Seak
3rd Aik
4th Benita
5th Wanda
Autographed Copy of "Forever Yours" by M.J. Smith
Steph the Bookworm (please send me your mailing address)
5 Copies of "Seduced By A Rogue"
(please send me your mailing address)
E.J. Stevens
Patti (the Book Addict)
Rebecca Graham
2 ebooks of "The Sin Eater's Prince" by Keta Diablo (must be 18)
(I need your email address)

Review: Haunted Hikes of New Hampshire

Paperback: 120 pages

Publisher: PublishingWorks (June 15, 2008)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 193300259X

ISBN-13: 978-1933002590

Book Summary:

Young and not so young hikers will get a tingly spine reading about these ghost-laden hikes. Filled with informative maps and including safety tips, this book will inspire kids and parents to get off the couch and take a hike!

Features a glow in the dark cover.

My Review:

Loved It! I very much enjoy reading non-fiction paranormal books and this one was no exception. It contained excellent information on plenty of hiking trails that are believed to be haunted. There are also excellent maps, illustrations, and photos to add to the info, which I really enjoyed!

I think Marianne did an excellent job in her research and presentation. It would make a great guide book to have if your considering these hikes. Even if your not an outdoors person and simply enjoy a good ghost story you should pick up this book!

**This book was provided free of any obligation by Publishing Works, Inc. No monetary or any other form of compensation was received.

Publishing Works was launched in 2003 as an independent press specializing in regional titles. Since then, the company has grown dramatically to embody a list of titles that spans diverse genres, age levels, and subject matter.

Please visit them at their website,, or view their catalog for a complete list of titles.

To purchase this book or any other book published by Publishing Works, visit their online store here. At checkout, include the Coupon Code BLOG for a 20% DISCOUNT, courtesy of Publishing Works, Inc. and their continued support of book blogging! Happy reading!

Review: The Choice by Suzanne Woods Fisher

Paperback: 308 pages

Publisher: Revell; Original edition (January 1, 2010)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0800733851

ISBN-13: 978-0800733858
About the Book:
One moment, Carrie Weaver is planning to elope with Lancaster Barnstormer Solomon Riehl, leaving their Amish community behind. The next, she is staring into a future as broken as her heart. Now Carrie faces a choice. An opportunity. But will this decision, this moment in time, change her life forever?
My Review:
"The Choice" is the first book in the series "Lancaster County Secrets." Throughout the book we follow Carrie who is faced with the decision of following her heart or following her religion.
This was a good read...Suzanne did a wonderful job of building up the story. There were several unexpected twists and turns that kept you guessing.
In my was a story about growing up, weighing your choices, and being able to live with those consequences whether good or bad.
Overall it was an enjoyable read.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Guest Post Today From Author Jackie Griffey

So today I would like to welcome Ms. Jackie Griffey to "The Cajun Book Lady"! She's written a guest post on the topic of making money on books.


That's easy, Sugar Lump. You borrow a few thousand from the Small Business Bureau; open a New and Gently Used Bookstore; have Bingo Friday nights; and sell lottery tickets on the side. If you insist on making money by writing books, don't quit your day job till royalties start coming in.

Writing, even for some of the fairly big names is still part-time work money wise. You can make money, maybe even sometimes quite a bit of money on a novel but life goes on, thank goodness, what would we write about otherwise?

There are wonderful things you can enjoy between advances and royalty checks. The main one is meeting readers and other writers. Thanks to newsletters; blogs; and web pages you can visit and learn an enjoy talking with the people you meet in cyber space.

I've recently signed a contract with an audio publisher for a romance-suspense novel of mine. It hasn't been scheduled yet. But when it comes out-the audio, MP3s and other goodies, I'll have one of my favorite genres in every format known to man. Make that currently known to man. Who knows what further electronic wonders are in store for us? But money wise, I'm still squeezing ink cartridges and copy paper out of the grocery list. I look at that as work incentives and start on the next cozy. LOL.

I'm a late bloomer who didn't start writing until I retired. In fact, my Darling Companion, Jim the Gem and I retired twice. Getting adjusted to more time and less money took practice even before the economy fell into the toilet. This also was good for an article which I sold to a Senior Citizen, didn't I tell you a writer has to write? I also got quite a few of my humor column goodies from our good, bad, and hilarious experiences with retirement and also the iffy publishing business. The humor column was fun to do but I got too many deadlines and needed more family time so I quit doing it. There are some of my columns on Kindle under the title LIGHTEN UP.

My column was called The Sunny Side and nothing was sacred, looking back on it some of the national problems I wrote and made light of are still with us. It's timely again! LOL. And it was a fun thing to do. It's a classic example of what I'm telling you: write because you like to write and hope the readers will enjoy it as much as you do.

About the Author:

Jackie Griffey likes to read as well as write cozy mysteries and romantic suspense. She and her family, two cats, a Chihuahua, and a couple of wild bunnies live in Arkansas where she is working on another cozy mystery. You can visit her website at

About the Book:
The Devil in Merrivale centers around the little town of Merrivale, Tennessee, where murder isn't the usual order of business. When the brutal stabbing death of popular high school student Denise Davis sends a shock through the community, Sheriff Cas Larkin is determined to find the killer, and the last thing he needs is distractions like the increasing reports of missing cattle and other livestock.

But as he digs deeper, Cas uncovers another mystery–a strange “club” the members are afraid to talk about, and for good reason. One of the recruits is brutally beaten when he refuses to take the club’s activities seriously. He also refuses to talk about those activities–until they turn turn deadly.

There’s something dark and sinister going on in Merrivale, and if Cas can’t figure out what it is and put a stop to it, there’ll be the devil to pay.

Review: Gentlemen Prefer Succubi by Jill Myles

Product Details
Pocket Star, December 2009
Mass Market Paperback, 368 pages
ISBN-10: 1416572821
ISBN-13: 9781416572824


Book Summary: (from Simon&Schuster)

Who Knew An Angel Could Get A Girl In So Much Devilish Trouble?

Jackie Brighton woke up in a Dumpster this morning, and her day has only gotten weirder. Her familiar B-cups have somehow become double Ds, her sex drive is insatiable, and apparently she had her first one-night stand ever...with a fallen angel.

All she remembers is gorgeous Noah's oddly hypnotic blue eyes...and then a dark stranger whose bite transformed her into an immortal siren with a sexy Itch.

With help from Noah, Jackie begins to adapt to her new lifestyle -- until she accidentally sends Noah into the deadly clutches of the vampire queen and lands herself in a fierce battle for an ancient halo with the queen's wickedly hot righthand man. Who just happens to be the vampire who originally bit her. How's a girl supposed to save the world when the enemy's so hard to resist?
My review:
This book was HOT, HOT, HOT! We follow the main character Jackie through an "interesting" turn of events. (I don't want to give it all away LOL) Anyway, she is a homely woman that gets turned into a sexy one; which then turns her life upside down!
I will say that my favorite character's besides Jackie are Noah and Zane. I imagine them as real hotties! Jill does a great job building up her characters and keeping that air of mystery around them. I was constantly wondering who were the bad guys and who were the good guys!
The "intimate" (I try to keep it PG-13 here guys LOL) scenes are smokin' hot and there are a lot of 'em. Let's not forget that the paranormal creatures abound...angels, demons, vampires, succubi, and other various "things."
This book had so many twists and turns it kept me hooked! I t also ended on such a high note that I can't wait to read "Succubus Blues." I'm a new fan of Jill Myles and I think you will be too!
**this book was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review**

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Win some Books! Here is my Giveaway Roundup!

Ok Everybody...several of my contest are ending on Monday so come and enter before it's too late! All the others still have time to enter!

A big ol' Sci Fi and Fantasy giveaway on my blog! Jan. 25th
Autographed copy of Forever Yours by MJ Smith Jan 25th
2 ebooks of The Sin Eater's Prince" Ends Jan 25th (must be 18)

Review: Sleep No More by Susan Crandall

Book Summary:

The night was always Abby Whitman's enemy. As a young girl she walked in her sleep, and one night, she started a fire that scarred her sister for life and left Abby with unbearable guilt . . . and a loneliness that echoes within her. Now Abby has begun blacking out again-with apparently fatal results. A car accident has killed the son of a prominent family. Even though the evidence seems to exonerate her, Abby is plagued by doubts-and soon by mysterious threats. Psychiatrist Dr. Jason Coble is intrigued by Abby and offers to help her explore the dark recesses of her mind.

My Review:

Suspenseful is definitely a good word to describe this one! It had me on the edge of my seat for at least half of the book.

I felt so sorry for the main character Abby as everything unfolds, that I wanted to help her out myself.

Susan Crandall did a wonderful job spinning this intriguing, mysterious, and romantic story. (although I would say it was light on the romance) There were so many twists and turns, that it really kept you guessing.

This was a highly enjoyable book for fans of romantic suspense and I'd definitely recommend it!

**This book was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review. No monetary compensation was given

And now for the giveaway!

Thanks to Anna @ Hatchette I have 3 copies to give away!
-you must be a follower
-contest is open to US and Canadian resident's only
-No P.O. Boxes
-Ends on Feb. 5th

+1 if you leave a comment with a way to contact you
+1 if you tweet it, post it somewhere, whatever you want just leave a link!
+3 if you add my button to your blog ( I just got it recently so I'm excited!)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

In My Mailbox

I.M.M. is a weekly meme hosted by Kristi of The Story Siren

So I had a great book week! And here's what I got:
Wondrous Strange
Carpe Demon
For Review:
From Publishing Works:
Haunted Hikes of New Hampshire
Hook and Jill
A Cutthroat Business
Footlights and Fairy Dust
The Bride Collector
The Last Song
Litfuse Tours:
The Choice
FIRST Tours:
Spring Breakdown
Katy's New World
Pump Up Your Book Tours:
Schooled in Lies
13 Ways To Tell Your Ancestors Stories
So it was a fun week for me...What did you get in your mailbox? Leave a link so I can go check it out!

Saturday Roundup, Reminders, and a Look Ahead!

Plenty of contests going on at the blog! Please go enter to win as several of them finish on Monday! You can find them all on my sidebar under "My Current Giveaways!"
Next on the Agenda:
A recap of this week!
Monday I posted the review and Giveaway for "A Black Tie Affair"
Tuesday I posted a Q&A with Ms. Bodine (comment for an extra chance at winning the book!)
Also on Monday I posted my review for the Veracity Bog Tour
Wednesday I posted my review for the "Knit, Purl, Die" Blog Tour
I also published this post about a company called Publishing Works and the discount they're offering to blog readers!
Friday I posted a Q&A with author Victoria Blisse about her book "Getting Intimate" It touches on a subject close to my heart and I think everyone should check it out.
Coming up this week!
Monday: My Birthday! but I'll also be posting my review for the blog tour of "Gentlemen Prefer Succubi" and "The Choice"
Tuesday: I'll have a guest post from author Jackie Griffey
Wednesday: Posting my review of "A Highlander's Destiny" for blog tour
That's only what I have written in my planner...there might even be more!
And of course I'll be posting some new giveaways and announcing the winners of the contests that end on Monday sometime during the week!

Q&A/Giveaway with Jess C. Scott author of 4:Play

So today we are joined by Jess who will be doing a Q&A and an ebook giveaway! I've reviewd Jess's short story collection from her book 4:play and let me say it was hot!
Jess is offering an e-copy of her book to one winner but you must be 18 to enter.
Summary: (from Jess' site)
A contemporary cocktail of erotic short stories 4:Play captures the deliciousness of sexual fulfillment, the adventure of conquest, and the mystery of unexplored territory.
Among these progressive stories, a brother and sister try to make sense of the sexual love they share; a demure young woman encounters an incubus; and two friends strike up a stimulating discussion that acts as the perfect aphrodisiac.
With a scope and style that is fresh and compelling, 4:Play dives into the depths of navigating gender, sexuality, and the lines of desire.
Why 4:Play is Written This WayI deliberately wanted to cross multiple genres. I don't believe that a book should be *only* about gay fiction, or *only* about urban fantasy, etc. I'm all for diversity and open-mindedness (however one wishes to define that!).

My Review:

I'm going to keep this short and sweet since we know I try to keep my wording within the PG-13 range here... but this book was just HOT. HOT,HOT!

This was the first time I've read and erotica short story collection and I gotta say that Jess does a great job of "capturing the moment" shall we say?

If your a fan of erotica this might be one for you to check out! There is lots of diversity no matter what you like!

Q&A with Jess C. Scott:

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Sure! I basically identify myself as a writer, artist, dreamer, and doer. I have an ambitious streak as well.

How long have you been writing and what made you decide to go with erotica?

I've been writing for more than two decades (I'm currently 23 years old). I initially wanted to complete a collection of erotic short stories before I turned 25 -- but the stories kind of wrote themselves out earlier than I expected.

I must know...where do you find the ideas and inspirations for your stories?

It's a combination of fact and fiction. I am equally inspired by real-life events and whatever my imagination conjures up...along with classic books, contemporary works, things I overhear in public, things I happen to read online, music, etc.

You don't have to answer this if you don't want to...but I always wonder with erotica authors. Do your friends and family read your work? If they do how do you and they react to it? Does it make for interesting conversation?

I generally leave it to the reader to form their own opinions on a particular piece of work. Some of my friends don't read erotica; some find my writing "transgressive"; some find it "disturbing"; and some think erotica's an exciting genre. Conversationally (with friends and family), I actually prefer discussing topics other than my erotic material. I can spend a lot of time writing, so I enjoy catching up with various people in my life when I do take a break from reading/writing.

Where can the readers find more of you and your work? (fan pages, websites, twitter etc?)




Well Jess thank you so much for joining us today!

Would you like to win an ecopy of 4:play? Well you must be at least 18 to enter, and a follower!

The giveaway will end on Feb. 5th.

*To enter just leave a comment or question for Jess and a way to contact you!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Blog Tour: Getting Intimate by Victoria Blisse

So today We'll be having a Q&A session with the author of "Getting Intimate", Ms. Victoria Blisse!


They hated their own bodies but loved each other. Would their lack of self confidence tear them apart or could love make them whole?

It’s been almost six months since Terri and John first met and fell in love at the gym and John wants to think of something special to mark their anniversary.

Terri is convinced that John is secretly seeing one of the skinny gym girls and her paranoia pushes her away from him.

She thinks that she is too fat to hold the attention of such a fit guy.John must think of a way to convince Terri that he really loves her sexy, curvaceous body and that nobody could take her place or face losing her forever.

And Now a Q&A with the Author: (who after some research on my part writes really awesome books)

This book's story line is close to my heart and I'm wondering what inspired you to write it?

Well, Getting Intimate is the sequel to Getting Physical and that was inspired by my short period of time attending the local gym. It was a fascinating experience and hence the need to write the story!

Terri is very much based on myself, I am in no way a skinny, gym bod and so many of Terri’s feelings are exactly the same as my own. Terri and John are such fantastic characters, both think they’re too ugly to attract the other (Terri is curvy, John is skinny) but in Getting Physical somehow they manage to make it work. I wanted to see how they coped in a relationship and that is where Getting Intimate starts.

I get sick to death of reading stories where the leading lady is as thin as a rail but with magically big boobs and a curvy arse which are often hidden behind frumpy clothes but once they come off she’s like a catwalk model. That is not real.

I like to write about real characters. Terri is curvy, she’s a plus sized lady and she has a stomach and stretch marks and her boobs aren’t as perky as they once were but she is still sexy. John is tall and thin, bean stalk thin in fact. He’s clumsy and shy and socially inept but he is sexy too. I take great delight in finding the sexiness in my characters no matter what they look like.

Do you consider yourself a motivational writer with a positive outlook on negative social standards?

Well no, I’d never thought of myself in that way to be honest but I do write positively and I do hope to inspire people to feel good about themselves whatever they look like. The outside is the packaging but it is what is inside that counts.

Just like Roald Dahl says in his book the twits:

"A person who has good thoughts cannot ever be ugly. You can have a wonky nose and a crooked mouth and a double chin and stick-out teeth, but if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely."

I think this is true, very true and I hope the same sentiment comes through in my writing. You are beautiful, no matter what you think your fatal flaw is, there are other people out there who will think that adds to your beauty. My husband loves my tummy and my thighs. I hate them, I think they’re too fat but he adores them. It is possible that he’s completely mad but I think he’s just crazy for me.

I think we need to stop dwelling on the negative and keep thinking positive. The world would be a brighter place if people would do that I think.

Do you think media has portrayed that curvy women should not or could not have a relationship with fit men?

Oh yes, very much so. I think generally curvy women have a bad press. I feel the media tells us we have to be slim and slinky to be sexy and especially at this time of year when you cannot go anywhere without seeing adverts for slimming clubs and pills and potions and stupid crash diets that will never work in a million years.

I do realise sometimes people need to lose weight for health reasons, that is all well and good and should be done sensibly and slowly with changes in food consumption and the addition of more exercise but people do not need to change to be sexy!

Do you have any personal advice that you would to give our readers on self esteem?

Oh boy, I don’t think I am the expert at this at all because it is something I really do struggle with myself.

I have a wonderful picture as the background on my computer. It has a pair of feet on a set of scales and the dial simply reads ‘You are Beautiful’. I see this every time I open or shut down my computer and it makes me remember that I am beautiful no matter what my scales or society says.

I think it is important to have a reminder like this around you so that when you get bogged down in self-doubt you have something to pick yourself up with. Don’t rely on others compliments to pump up your self esteem, it is lovely to get them but they cannot be the foundation for your confidence. You have to compliment yourself. It is your own opinion that counts the most.
So think positive about yourself, make friends with your flabby bits and your imperfections, they are part of you. It’s tough, it really is but if you can’t give yourself a bit of TLC who else will, you know?

Last but not least, please let us know where we can find more of your work!

Well, the best place to go to find more of my work is my website all of my published work is listed there along with more information about me, some free stories and my blog which I do try to update regularly.

You can also search for Victoria Blisse at Fictionwise and Allromanceebooks if you have accounts there to find my stories or go direct to my publishers Phaze , Total-e-Bound and Xcite .

And I am also very social, so look up victoriablisse at twitter, facebook and myspace and I will be very happy to become your friend.

Thank you so much for this inspiring interview. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed filling it in!

Victoria I want to thank you so much for being here today! I couldn't agree more with what you've talked about and I have to say it was refreshing. I think we have many of the same views and I love to meet someone who's not afraid to put them out there!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

So let me tell you about Publishing Works!

I love this company. They are just awesome people to work with and are a bunch of hands on people. I've very much enjoyed reviewing for them, and the work they have to offer is different and fun!

I've reviewed two book so far and have a pile anxiously awaiting me. (or maybe that's me being anxious to read 'em!)

If you haven't checked out those reviews yet...well you should! They were both great books and I'll have an upcoming Q&A with the author of Five Finger Fiction and a giveaway! (so stay tuned!)

Now to give you the info on PW:

PublishingWorks, Inc., was launched in 2003 as an independent press specializing in regional titles. As we’ve grown, we are able to offer all of the benefits of a large house under one roof, still retaining the accessibility of a small press. And our list of titles now includes diverse genres, age levels, and subject matters.

We provide our authors with expert editorial guidance, professional design and production, marketing, publicity and distribution—in other words, The Works!
We accept unsolicited manuscripts and debut authors.

Now here is an awesome thing:

PW is offering a discount to blog readers!

Please visit them at their website,, or view their catalog for a complete list of titles.

To purchase this book (FFF or Haunted Cemeteries) or any other book published by Publishing Works, visit their online store here. At checkout, include the Coupon Code BLOG for a 20% DISCOUNT, courtesy of Publishing Works, Inc. and their continued support of book blogging! Happy reading!

Giveaway: Absolute Power (audiobook)

ABSOLUTE POWER (Unabridged)By David Baldacci, read by Scott Brick

The first of the blockbuster thrillers by New York Times bestselling author David Baldacci. The book that changed the way you thought about Washington - and power – is now available in digital audio.

Listen to an Excerpt

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Book Summary:

In a heavily guarded mansion in a posh Virginia suburb, a man and a woman start to make love, trapping a burglar behind a secret wall. Then the passion turns deadly, and the witness is running into the night. Because what he has just seen is a brutal slaying involving the president of the United States.

Luther Whitney is the career break-in artist who's in the wrong place at the wrong time. Alan Richmond is the charming U.S. president with the power to commit any crime. And Jack Graham is the young attorney caught in a vortex between absolute truth and... ABSOLUTE POWER

Thanks to Anna @ Hatchette I have 2 copies of the audiobook to give away!

How do you enter?
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Giveaway: The Unnamed (audiobook)

THE UNNAMED (Unabridged)By Joshua Ferris, read by the author

A daring new novel from Joshua Ferris, author of the National Book Award finalist THEN WE CAME TO THE END.In a world filled with every comfort and convenience, one man discovers that nature, and his own body, will always have the upper hand.

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Book Summary:

Tim Farnsworth walks. He walks out of meetings and out of bed. He walks in sweltering heat and numbing cold. He will walk without stopping until he falls asleep, wherever he is. This curious affliction has baffled medical experts around the globe--and come perilously close to ruining what should be a happy life.

Tim has a loving family, a successful law career and a beautiful suburban home, all of which he maintains spectacularly well until his feet start moving again. What drives a man to stay in a marriage, in a job? What forces him away? Is love or conscience enough to overcome the darker, stronger urges of the natural world?

THE UNNAMED is a deeply felt, luminous novel about modern life, ancient yearnings, and the power of human understanding.

Thanks to Anna @ Hatchette I have 2 copies of the audiobook to give away!

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Giveaway: The Swan Thieves (audiobook)

THE SWAN THIEVES (Unabridged)By Elisabeth Kostova, read by Treat Williams, Anne Heche, Erin Cottrell, Sarah Zimmerman, and John Lee

A sweeping novel of historical intrigue spanning centuries and continents, with a beautiful woman, a mysterious painting, and an ancient secret at its heart.
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Book Summary:
Psychiatrist Andrew Marlowe has a perfectly ordered life--solitary, perhaps, but full of devotion to his profession and the painting hobby he loves. This order is destroyed when renowned painter Robert Oliver attacks a canvas in the National Gallery of Art and becomes his patient.
In response, Marlowe finds himself going beyond his own legal and ethical boundaries to understand the secret that torments this genius, a journey that will lead him into the lives of the women closest to Robert Oliver and toward a tragedy at the heart of French Impressionism.
Ranging from American museums to the coast of Normandy, from the late nineteenth century to the late twentieth, from young love to last love, THE SWAN THIEVES is a story of obsession, the losses of history, and the power of art to preserve human hope.
Thanks to Anna @ Hatchette I have 2 copies of the audiobook to give away!
How do you enter?
-You must be a follower
-Open to US and canadian residents only
-No P.O. boxes
-Contest ends Feb. 5th
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+1 if you come pack and comment on the review when it gets posted (I'll link up the giveaway when it's time!)

Review: Tempered Justice by Helene J. Smith

Paperback: 298 pages
Publisher: Dorrance Publishing Co. Inc. (July 1, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 080597752X
ISBN-13: 978-0805977523
Book Summary:
After more than a decade, Dan runs into his former love, Steffi, at a bar, and they both find they still have a long-buried, consuming love between them.
There are a couple of problems, though - Dan is married to Amy and has three children, and Steffi is also married. Although both are in unhappy marriages, they still do not wish to hurt their spouses, so they keep their affair a secret - until Steffi becomes pregnant with Dan's child.

Knowing he is unable to have children, Jack, Steffi's husband, suspects Steffi is having an affair and swears to kill the man if he ever finds him. Meanwhile, after Dan walks out on Amy, proclaiming his love for another woman, Amy sits nearly comatose every day in a rocking chair for nearly four years while her eldest daughter and son struggle with the sudden burdens of running the household and taking care of Lilli, the youngest child.

At first Jack doesn't confront Steffi about the pregnancy but ironically, he hires Amy as an employee at his bar. Neither Jack nor Amy know the extreme connection they have with each other until pieces of the puzzle start to come together.

What will happen when Jack finds out about Steffi's baby? Will he accept the child as his or abandon Steffi, the love of his life? And what will become of Amy and Dan's children, left alone to care for themselves? Tempered Justice is a generational saga that follows the lives of two families intertwined through love, revenge and, hopefully, happiness.
My Review:

Helene J. smith is a wonderful writer! This book was just above and beyond my expectations.

It's a scandalous story set in the Depression era. The characters in the story are so intertwined in life without realizing it, that it made for a fantastic plot. These characters are also so in depth and multidimensional that Smith managed to keep me guessing about each one.

Have you ever heard the old saying "Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive?" Well, I think that describes this book perfectly!

It was also an extremely emotional story. I won't took alot out of me emotionally. I felt for the character of Amy and her situation. I think in all, that everyone can identify with at least one person in the story. And WOW!!!! what a story it was.

I highly recommend this book! It will probably end up in one of my top 10 books of 2010.


About the Author:

Born in 1918 in Calumet City, Illinois, Helene J. Smith is of Polish extraction. Brought up in Wisconsin, she has been married four times, losing three to cancer and the last to a massive stroke. She has a son and three grandchildren by her first husband. Currently a resident of Hallandale, Florida, she belongs to the Polish American clubs of Miami and Hollywood, the Gold Star Mothers of Miami, the Women's Auxiliary of Miami, and the Senior Citizens Association of Miami. In addition she enjoys dancing, cooking, reading, entering contests, and writing songs, of which she has had several copyrighted.

**I received a complimentary copy of Tempered Justice as a member of the
Dorrance Publishing Book Review Team. Visit
to learn how you can become a member of the Book Review Team.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Review: Knit, Purl, Die by Anne Canadeo

Product Details
Pocket, December 2009
Trade Paperback, 288 pages
ISBN-10: 141659812X
ISBN-13: 9781416598121
Book Summary:
Gloria Sterling had it all -- money, looks, and a new sexy young husband. So when she's found floating face down in her own swimming pool, shock waves ripple through tiny Plum Harbor. At the Black Sheep Knitting Shop, Maggie Messina and her circle are devastated to lose their dear friend -- a woman as colorful as her fabulous yarn creations.

The police are quick to call it an accident, but sorting out Gloria's final hours leaves too many loose ends to satisfy her friends. The vivacious, fifty something cougar had her French manicured tips in more than a few pots, and the threads of some inside deals stashed in her chic knitting tote.

Who was the last person to see Gloria alive on that quiet summer night? Two empty wine glasses suggest she wasn't home alone knitting the entire evening.... The Black Sheep need to know the truth and set out to unravel -- stitch by stitch -- the weighty secrets that pulled poor Gloria under.
My Review:
I'll start off by saying I wasn't sure I would love this book; but much to my surprise I zoomed through it and really enjoyed it! It was the first cozy mystery I've read and I'd actually enjoy continuing with this series.
Anne builds up her characters at a good pace. I could imagine being friends with this group of knitters. (guess I better learn to knit first huh? LOL) I'll say that in getting to know these characters even I FELT BETRAYED to find out the murderer. The plot and mystery building were well done and really kept me guessing. The ending fell together nicely and really closed up the book.
I like that this is a series, but you don't feel lost if you read an individual book. Knit, Purl, Die was and exceptional cozy mystery and I look forward to reading more from "The Black Sheep Knitting Mystery" series.
**this book was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review**

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Q&A with Author Sherrill Bodine "A Black Tie Affair"

Today I would like to welcome Sherrill Bodine to "The Cajun Book Lady!" I'm excited to have her here today to tell us about herself and her new book "A Black Tie Affair"

Now on to our questions:
Tell us about yourself.
I was reared by my grandparents in a big old house in Indiana. I grew up surrounded by aunts, uncles, cousins and from the age of 5 I took care of my mother who has been developmentally disabled since birth -- "In My Grandmother's House" is a book I plan to write very soon.
I eloped with my husband my freshman year in college -- which was quite a scandal - but we are still married with 4 children many, many years later.
We've moved 22 times - including living in New York and LA. Now I'm here in Chicago and I love it. I call it home and I'm not leaving -- except to travel -- which I adore doing whenever possible.
Every picture I've seen of you thus far has shown you to be a very fashionable and well dressed woman. Does this influence your writing, and the type of stories you choose to write about. (I ask since "A Black Tie Affair" is based around clothing)
Thank you for the compliment! I confess I've been fascinated by clothes as an expression of "who we are and who we want to be" since I was a child looking through the Sears and Penny catalogues - dreaming about what I wanted to buy. My fascination reached a zenith this past September when I attended Milan Fashion Week.
My friend, Dusty, is the mother of Brian Atwood the shoe designer and creative director of Bally. As a birthday gift for our mutual friend, Laurie, we were invited to Milan. We had tickets to the Versace Runway Show and were invited to the mansion afterwards for a party -- tickets to the Gucci Runway Show and of course the Bally presentation. Brian wined and dined us and our last night in Milan we were at the same restaurant as Janet Jackson, who was celebrating her birthday -- we all sang to her. Yes, I will definitely be writing about this adventure -- my fascination continues!
Who is your favorite character from this book?
This is tough because I love my characters. Like my children - I could never pick a favorite. But my favorite scene in the book is Drew and Athena dancing through the dimly lit deserted museum. Very romantic!
What was your inspiration for this story? ( I know this one but we'll include it for the readers...)
Two dear friends introduced me into the fabulous world of vintage couture - Laurie Davis (yes, the Milan birthday girl) and Tim Long, Curator of Costume at The Chicago History Museum.
Tim told me about being poisoned by a black Dior evening gown - decades ago designers sprayed the netting of gowns with a substance that if it begins to degrade puts off a gas and particles which can cause hallucinations.
Then he told me about a huge underground fall-out shelter where so many wonderful vintage gowns are stored. Well, how could I resist sharing such a fascinating story with readers. You know how I love to give you all a peek behind the scenes in Chicago!
Do you have any upcoming projects we should be on the lookout for?
In a Black Tie Affair I introduce two powerful Chicago families - the Smith sisters, Athena, Venus and Diana - and the Clayworth Men. Venus and Diana have fabulous stories to share!
Last but not least where can we find more of you? (fan pages, twitter) (I'm a
twitter follower myself )
My website - - recently got a "face lift". I'd love to hear what you think about it.
I'm on Writerspace, Facebook and Twitter (@SherrillBodine). I recently bought an iphone - my family laughed themselves silly when I told them because they couldn't believe I would ever figure out how to use it -- I did and I love it. I try to 'tweet" daily from it.
I LOVE to hear from readers so please be my friend on Facebook and let's follow one another on Twitter!
Watch for A BLACK TIE AFFAIR by Sherrill Bodine, January 2010. Now in the stores,TALK OF THE TOWN Sherrill Bodine's new romantic comedy from Grand Central Publishing Dec. 2008
Thanks so much to Sherrill for joining me today and don't forget to check out the review I posted yesterday along with a chance to win this book!